WEICON AN 305-10 Flange Sealant (Loctite 510)

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Atest: NSF 61 Systemy wody pitnej

Cechy szczególne: Klej/uszczelniacz jednoskładnikowy

Typ produktu: Klej anaerobowy

Zastosowanie: Przekładnie i Koła zębate, Łożyska toczne

Flange sealing

Adhesive, sealant for flange connections. High strength, high viscosity, resistant to high temperatures, difficult disassembly, BAM certified

Selection table for WEICONLOCK anaerobic bonding adhesives


  • Flange sealing
  • Fixing flat surfaces

Features and Benefits:

  • high strength
  • high viscosity
  • resistant to high temperatures
  • hard to disassemble
  • oxygen approval (BAM approval)
  • replacement for Loctite 510

Technical data

Gap filling up to max. 0.5mm
starting torque 18 - 25Nm
Dominating torque 15 - 25Nm
Shear strength Nmm² (DIN 54452) 5 - 10N/mm²
Handling strength 15 - 30 minutes
Final strength (100% strength) 6-12 hours
Temperature resistance -60°C to +200°C

Application method:

Surface preparation
Clean the surfaces to be sealed.

WEICONLOCK is evenly applied directly from the cartridge blade; avoid direct contact of the dispensing tip with metal. Apply a continuous track to one side of the flange, then assemble the parts quickly and tighten.

For sealing applications (fitting tube), apply WEICONLOCK to the thread in circular motions. Screw the pipe threads together and tighten to the required value. Do not pour WEICONLOCK back into a bottle that has already been in contact with metal. Even
very small metal particles cause the glue inside the bottle to harden. Therefore, dosing devices are recommended for series production.

Available packages:

[ 50ml ][ 150ml ][ 200ml ][ 250ml ] [ 300ml ]