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Adhesives for a wide range of applications in metal and plastic processing

Epoxy adhesives

Epoxy resins are adhesives for quick and permanent bonding and coating, commonly known as liquid metal glue, malleable metal

For workshops and maintenance departments, they are used to repair elements made of aluminum and light alloys, used in:

  • reconstruction and repair of castings, pipes and tanks
  • repairs of shafts, plain bearings, pumps and machine housings
  • temperatureless welding (when welding is inadvisable or impossible)

In industrial design and production, WEICON Plastic Metal can be successfully used to make models and moulds:

  • as support for the process of manufacturing molds for rubber and injection castings
  • when making matrices
  • to templates and models in pre-production tests
  • when lining the guides of cutting tools
  • for making gripping elements

Polyurethane adhesives

Polyurethanes are adhesives and sealants for a wide range of applications in metal and plastic processing

  • can be painted after hardening
  • can be sandblasted / honed
  • silicone free
  • odorless curing

Polymer adhesives

MS-Polimery are strong adhesives and sealants for integrated joints and materials such as metals, plastics and many others

  • high adhesive strength, even without the use of primers for bonding
  • can be painted (wet)
  • free of silicones and isocyanates

Anaerobic adhesives

Anaerobics are one-component, anaerobic adhesives and sealants, especially useful when assembling metal components.

Wide selection of strength grades and viscosities to match the full range
application. They are suitable for all types of metals and a certain group of plastics. They can be applied manually, automatically and semi-automatically.
They are a reliable and efficient solution to many problems, they are irreplaceable in numerous industry sectors, such as: automotive industry, industrial construction, mechanical engineering, pump and pipeline construction, hydraulic and pneumatic installations, precision mechanics, electrical industry and electrical engineering and almost all sectors related to repair and maintenance

Screw securing

  • bolts and nuts
  • studs and blind threads

Pipe and thread sealing

  • threaded fittings
  • hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • cooling and compression systems

Assembly of coaxial elements

  • shafts and hubs
  • couplings, blocks and bearings
  • loose, tight and shrink fit cylindrical components

Sealing flange surfaces

  • collars
  • housing
  • cover