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JAX Food contact lubricants

JAX Lubricants for the food industry


Lubricants approved for contact with food


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oils and greases approved for contact with food

JAX is an American company that has been a leader in the lubrication of food and beverage plants since the creation of genuine USDA food grade lubricants over 60 years ago. 

JAX was the first company with a registered food grade lubricant in the birth of commercial food grade lubricants, offering new products for increasingly demanding applications.

The JAX industrial lubricants formula is based on performance and quality, which ultimately leads to significant and verifiable savings in terms of extended machine life, reduced downtime, lubricant maintenance and increased production. Lubricating products and oils are used in the food industry:

  • Bakery industry

  • Beer and beverage industry

  • dairy industry

  • Feed industry

  • Freezing and refrigeration industry

  • Fruit and vegetable industry

  • Meat and poultry industry

  • Pharmaceutical and packaging industry

All products fully comply with HACCP requirements.
They are NSF H1, H2 and 3H certified.

The main difference between the H1 and 3H markings is that H1 lubricants are approved for incidental food contact. 3H lubricants are release agents that can come into direct contact with food, for example in a bread pan or on a conveyor.

NSF logo

NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation, which was founded in 1944 as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization.
NSF International is a global provider of public health and risk management solutions for businesses, government organizations and the consumer market. In 1999, it began a voluntary Non-Food Ingredients Registration Program, a continuation of the previous program administered by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Product rating is based on its ingredients and label information. Products that comply with relevant regulations and guidelines receive a registration letter and are included in the "NSF™ White Paper List of Applied Non-Food Substances and Ingredients."

Products for the food industry are divided into two segments:

A. Food ingredients, including:

  • 3H - releasing agents (pharmaceutical grade white oils, silicone fluids, etc.)

B. Non-food ingredients, including:

  • H - lubricants, which are divided into:
    • H1 - having incidental contact with food
    • • H2 - not in direct contact with food
    • • H3 - soluble oils (usually used as cleaning and anti-rust agents)
    • NSF A1: Cleaners for use in the food industry.
    • NSF K1 and K3: Intensive cleaner and adhesive remover for use in the food industry

JAX greases also have HALAL and KOSHER certificates, which is an additional advantage and allows you to expand the possibilities of their use.

halal kosher certificates of AJX lubricants


The flagship group of JAX lubricants are products based on the MICRONOX® technology. This system, thanks to effective protection against microorganisms, is a breakthrough in the technology of food lubricants. The unique recipe, unlike traditional biostatic agents, which only inhibited the growth of bacterial colonies, allows for their effective destruction.
The graph below shows how JAX products deal with bacterial colonies compared to competing products available on the market.

JAX lubricants compared to others

JAX lubricant products and oils are used in the food industry, primarily among meat and poultry processors, fish industry, bakeries, beverage producers, dairy industry, etc. They have been divided into the following categories:

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104,84 zl PLN | 116,50 zl PLN


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