Acid-free technical petroleum jelly

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Cechy szczególne: Dobra ochrona przed korozją, Dobra odporność chemiczna, Dobra wodoodporność

Przemysł: Elektronika, Energetyczny, Konsumencki, Motoryzacja

Zastosowanie: Elektryczne, Smarowanie gumy i elastomerów, uszczelnienia, Wielozadaniowe

Acid-free technical vaseline


Vaseline has excellent conductive properties. It can be used to protect electrical and technical installations. Protect contacts and connectors from corrosion and rust. Also commonly used to protect battery connectors and clamps.

Technical petroleum jelly works well as a means of anti-corrosion protection of metal elements due to the lack of acidic additives. Also suitable for frost protection of rubber seals and padlocks.

The consistency of a thick paste prevents Vaseline from running off the lubricated surfaces. It does not dissolve when in contact with water.


  • Protects seals, padlocks and locks from freezing
  • Electrical contact protection
  • For lubrication of battery terminals, guides and screw connections
  • Protection of metal elements against corrosion
  • For lubricating garden shears

Features and benefits

  • It does not dissolve in water
  • It does not flow from the applied surface
  • Protects electrical contacts from rust and moisture

Parameters of acid-free petroleum jelly

Color amber/brown
Consistency hard butter
Smell no smell
Melting onset temperature 35-50°C
soluble in:
ether, gasoline, chloroform, carbon disulfide