WEICON Rust Shock Rust dissolver Penetrator for screws

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Baza chemiczna: Rozpuszczalnik

Cechy szczególne: Dobra ochrona przed korozją

Przemysł: Chemia i Petrochemia, Elektronika, Energetyczny, Górnictwo, Konserwacja i Remonty, Konsumencki, Motoryzacja, Przemysł ciężki, Ropa i gaz, Transport

Typ produktu: Penetrant

Zastosowanie: Gwinty i połączenia gwintowane, Maszyny spożywcze, Napędy śrubowe, Penetrant, Silniki elektryczne, Łańcuchy

WEICON Rust Shock

instant rust remover for rusty bolts

Rust Shock acts as a "chemical key" - it uses the effect of strong surface cooling and its strong capillary properties to penetrate and dissolve rust, and as a result to instantly loosen the threaded connection. WEICON Rust Shock is used in all applications that require the loosening of corroded threaded connections.


  • in corroded threaded connections

Features and Benefits:

  • strong capillary ability to penetrate
  • strong rust dissolving

Technical data

Smell solvent
Properties loosens rusted screw connections in seconds
Shelf life 12 months
Color transparent
ISSA-Code 53.402.10
IMPA-Code 450822

Application method:

Before use, shake the can and spray from a distance of approx. 15 cm and leave for approx. 10-20 seconds. Then loosen the screw connections. In persistent cases, repeat the procedure.


When using WEICON products, please observe the physical, safety, toxicological and ecological data and regulations in our safety data sheets (www.weicon.de).

Available packages:

[ 400 ml ]