Set of Wax Chain Lubricants Wax - 3 pcs

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Wax chain lubricant set, 3 pcs

Polish product of the EVIL Lubricants brand

Hybrid waxes for bicycle chain

  1. FLUID Wax Liquid chain wax (ready-made wax emulsion for application)
  2. MOLY Wax Chain wax oil (wax with molybdenum disulfide MoS2)
  3. HARD Wax Chain wax lubricant (hard wax to be heated before application)
three types of Evil Lubricants bicycle chain waxes

    Waxing, a technique developed about a decade ago, is changing our knowledge of this method of lubricating a bicycle chain due to the latest solutions in this area, the so-called drop waxes.

    Instead of a wet oil-based lubricant, you immerse the chain in a heated wax bath, which penetrates the chain just like oil. But as it comes into contact with air and cools, it hardens and dries completely, leaving a microscopic lubricant (usually Teflon or another type of solid lubricant) on the bicycle chain components. You get the benefits of wax lubrication and the benefits of oil lubrication.

    The new technology allowed us to develop waxes hardened at temperatures below 43 °C, which after hardening have all the parameters of immersion waxes (hot melted waxes). Thanks to the use of a new thickening formula, we can adjust the hardening temperature and make Wax hardening at any ambient temperature.

    Wax wax greases, apart from a mixture of several types of waxes, also contain fine particles of solid lubricants (e.g. PTFE Teflon, molybdenum disulfide MoS2, and others) and the described hardener, which biodegrades in contact with air. This hybrid wax composition ensures long-lasting lubrication and protects the chain against excessive wear.

    It is possible to make a wax emulsion for a bicycle chain with a very quick wax hardening time, but then our lubricant will be deprived of the effect of rubbing solid lubricants into the metal, which in our case is the most important component of lubrication.

    Evil Lubricants wax greases have another feature that is very useful when lubricating small components of the bicycle drive system. Drop wax greases are a thixotropic fluid (liquid memory), which means that when the liquid product is subjected to intensive mixing, it becomes less viscous as a shear-thinning fluid.

    The hardened wax creates a protective patina that prevents dirt from easily sticking.

    Full hardening occurs 4 to 8 hours after application, due to the need for solvents to evaporate and the wax hardening time.

    Solid lubricant particles always have a higher density and settle at the bottom of the bottle during aging. For this reason, Wax lubricants should be mixed by shaking the bottle before each application.

    Features and Benefits

    • improved lubrication with additives
    • prevents dirt from adhering
    • Reduces friction resistance on chain links
    • Protects against rust and corrosion.
    • Silences and eliminates the noisy operation of the chain.
    • Creates a protective barrier against moisture
    • It extends the life of the chain several times compared to oil lubrication


      Lubricating the pins and bushings, this is the main area of ​​the chain that requires lubrication. Hard wax is not sticky and is not a magnet for dirt and dust.

      Wax wax greases are recommended for MTB, triathlon, gravel, racing and e-bikes operating in wet and dry conditions.

      Properties of WAX Evil Lubricants

      Standard Contents Unit result

      DIN 51 757 Density at 20°C g/ml 0.92 0.78 0.82
      DIN 51 562 Viscosity of wax (mixed at 0 ° C) cSt 350 320 220
      DIN 51 562 Viscosity of wax (mixed at 40° C) cSt 12 20 10
      Recommended temperature range for application °C 5 to 40 5 to 43 10 to 35
      The temperature at which hardened wax melts °C 64 65 60
      Water temperature washing off the hardened wax °C 75 70 70
      DIN 51 350 pt.4 Weld load N 2600 1000 1200
      DIN 51 350 pt.5 Load capacity mm mm 0.9 0.6 0.7
      Flash point, °C -> 200 °C > -10 > -10 > -10
      temperature of self-ignition °C approx. 350 approx. 300 approx. 300
      drying time hours 4-6

      set of wax lubricants

      How to use:

      1. Clean the chain
      2. Before use, shake the bottle until you obtain a uniform oil structure (Hard Wax versions must be additionally heated before application)
      3. Apply a layer of wax oil dropwise along the entire length of the chain.
      4. After lubrication, rotate the drive system several times
      5. Remove excess liquid wax with a dry cloth
      6. Leave the chain for 4 to 6 hours for the wax to fully harden.
      7. After this time, you can turn the drive system again and remove any excess hard wax that has peeled off.