Silesia Łt-43 Lithium grease for bearings

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Baza chemiczna: Olej mineralny

Cechy szczególne: Dobra ochrona przed korozją, Dobra wodoodporność, Wydajność w dużych prędkościach, Wydajność w niskich prędkościach, Wysoka nośność duże obciążenia, Wysoka odporność na zużycie

Konsystencja NLGI: NLGI 2

Nazwa kategorii: Smary plastyczne

Niska temperatura: od 0°C do -30°C

Norma: K3K-30

Przemysł: Motoryzacja, Sprzęt AGD, Transport

Wysoka temperatura: +100°C do 130°C

Zastosowanie: Łożyska toczne

SILESIA ŁT-43 Lithium grease for bearings

Universal ŁT43 lithium grease intended for lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings operating in normal conditions. Resistant to washing out with water.


  • rolling bearings
  • sliding bearings
  • other friction nodes

Features and benefits

  • high mechanical stability
  • resistant to washing out with water.
  • aging resistant
  • corrosion protection


  • DIN 51502: K3K-30,
  • ISO 6743-9: ISO L-XCCEA3

Technical data:

Requirements Unit Result Method
Appearance - homogeneous visually
Color - green visually
NLGI Grade - 3 DIN 51825
Penetration after kneading 1/10mm 230 PN-ISO 2137:2011
Thickener type - lithium -
Dropping point °C 207 PN-ISO 2176:2011
Working temperature °C -30 ÷ 130 -
Corrosive action on copper plate, 24 h, 100°C
degree of corrosion 1 PN-EN ISO 2160:2004
Base oil viscosity 40°C mm²/sec 130 PN-EN ISO 3104:2004

Available packages:

0.4kg cartridge, 0.8kg, 4.5kg, 10kg, 18kg, 43kg, 180kg

Health and Safety Information

Based on the available information, the product does not pose a threat to human health and the environment if used in accordance with the application recommended in the safety data sheet. The safety data sheet is available on request from your distributor. Dispose of used lubricants in accordance with environmental regulations.

Storage and transportation

The product should be stored in closed packages that protect it against moisture, water and mechanical impurities. The product can be transported by means of road transport in barrels and other individual packaging - it does not pose any threats.