GRAFITEN 00 Liquid lubricant for gears 60ml

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Graphiten 00 - 60ml

Liquid gear lubricant packed by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

Grafiten 00 is a liquid gear lubricant (NLGI-00) for the lubrication of heavily loaded closed gear systems, both small ones used in power tools and large industrial machines in the wood production, mining industry, extruders, construction equipment as well as linear and laser guides. Based on mineral base oil, the grease contains, apart from graphite compounds, a number of adhesive, EP and anti-corrosion additives as well as anti-fretting additives at high speeds. In addition, the contained additives and composition prevent seizing resulting from friction and vibration occurring at the metal/metal contact point.

Features and benefits

  • high load capacity,
  • abrasion resistance and very high adhesion to lubricated metal elements.
  • Thanks to its fluidity, it is not washed out of lubricated elements even under high pressure.
  • Very high resistance to long-term kneading causes that Grafiten 00 grease does not dilute despite long-term operation and
  • retains very good sealing properties.

Application method:

clean the surfaces to be lubricated. Lubricate with a brush, manual grease gun or automatic lubrication system. Do not mix with other lubricants.

Basic product data





CTM 0176B



Composition: mineral oil as base oil, graphite lubricant additives, corrosion inhibitors, EP additives and adhesion promoters

ISO 2811

Density at 20 °C:



DIN 51 818

Consistency Grade, NLGI


ISO 2137




Working temperature


-35 to +110

ISO 2176

Melting temperature



DIN 51 350 T.4

Four-ball tester Four-ball tester



DIN 51 350 T.5

Four-ball tester Scar Wear under 800N load



Almen-Wieland machine OK load



Durability and storage: when stored at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C in original sealed containers, Grafiten 00 grease has a shelf life of up to 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Packaging: 20ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml,1kg, 5kg

Limitations: This product has not been tested or shown to be suitable for medical or pharmaceutical use.

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