WET Lube mountain bike chain lubricant - 10ml

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WET Lube - 10ml Mountain bike chain lubricant

Product packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

WET Lube hybrid series is a synthetic lubricant for bicycle chains developed for mountain biking and competitors riding in the rain, which can also be successfully used for all kinds of amateur trips in humid weather conditions and triathlon competitors.

The product, which is based on synthetic polyester-diester oil, contains EP additives that are an integral component of bicycle lubricants used in sports performance, and teflon microparticles that reduce the friction coefficient and improve the parameters of the lubricant when driving in the rain.

The advanced hybrid technology of WET LUBE causes that the oil has very good penetration of chain links and resistance to washing out, despite the fact that it belongs to the group of oils that we define as low viscosity oils. The modern adhesive agents used improve adhesion to metal without causing thickening of the grease and, what is very important, the grease used does not collect dirt or dust.

It is this part of the lubricant components and the addition of PFFE that is responsible for the ability to drive in wet weather conditions and protects the lubricant from being washed away by water particles.

Like any professional bicycle chain lubricant, the product also contains corrosion inhibitors that protect metal elements from rusting, which are distributed after lubricating the chain according to the instructions by the "transport medium" contained in the mixed base, and then evaporate leaving a thin coating on the metal elements containing lubricants and additives described in the table below.

mountain chain lubricant The WET LUBE hybrid series chain lubricant is a new product for the chain with a low coefficient of friction, which reduces the energy consumption necessary for riding, prevents squeaking, corrosion and other adverse phenomena to which the bicycle chain is exposed. The use of WET Lube oil ensures the ability to maintain its lubricating properties in various weather conditions from winter and autumn conditions to warm and humid summer days and significantly reduces power losses.

The product is intended for use in the worst weather conditions, such as snow and ice, and puddles with concentrated brine and other substances present on the roads formed after using rock salt on the roads.

Since WET LUBE grease belongs to the group of professional bicycle greases with a long service life, its lubricating properties depend on the way the chain is used, and in particular on how often we ride, with what intensity, in what conditions we ride and whether the lubrication was done carelessly or in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, it is particularly important to change the lubricant and the need for chemical cleaning in its case. There is no need to chemically clean the chain when changing the lubricant because all lubricants from this company are compatible with each other.

WET Lube parameters
Contents Unit Contents
CTM 0176 Color Green-transparent
Composition: base oil, polyester-diester synthetic blend, PTFE, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, strength and load increasing additives, solid lubricants.
Recommended working temperature °C -20 to +125
DIN 51 757 Density at 15°C g/cm3 0.98
DIN 51 562 Base oil kinematic viscosity at 40°C mm2/s 200
ASTM D-92 Flash point (closed cup) °C > 240
Evaporation loss (24 h, 200 ° C) % by weight <2
Oxidation resistance (4 hours test at 200°C and 200ml/min oxygen) % by weight <5
ASTM D-4172 Load Capacity (Four Ball Friction Test, 1200rpm/392N/75°C/1h) mm <0.35
ASTM D-2783 (Four-ball method), Weld load n 2400

Packaging: 10ml, 100ml

Recommended: wet-weather performance road riding, competitive BMX riding, cyclocross, winter cycling, wet weather riding, long-term bike storage, mountain biking, bike touring, bike marathon, triathlon lubricant,

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