Silicone Grease Standard 10g

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Standard Silicone Grease - 10g

Product packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

Silicone paste is a slip and lubricant obtained by thickening methyl silicone oils with fillers and does not contain solid particles. The product has the consistency of vaseline and is slightly thixotropic, which means that after flowing out of the tube, for example, it becomes liquid as a result of mixing, to increase its viscosity to normal after some time and achieve the consistency of vaseline. Thixotropy, also known as liquid memory, may also occur in the opposite value, i.e. as a result of mixing, the substance may increase viscosity. Thixotropy is thus a reversible process; energy is required to break the thixotropic structure of the fluid.

Standard Silicone Grease it is characterized by physiological inertness, which allows it to be used in applications related to human and animal life, high chemical resistance and is an excellent electrical insulator. The heat resistance of the paste is high, as is the resistance of the oils from which it is obtained. It withstands long-term heating at 200 °C, undergoing only slight thickening and loss by evaporation of the oil. The chemical resistance is also high. The standard grease is resistant to oxygen, diluted hydrogen peroxide, diluted solutions of acids and bases, ammonia. It is insoluble in mineral oils, alcohols, glycol and glycerin. The paste does not cause swelling of plastics and rubber. Concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and alkalis dissolve the paste, and aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and chlorinated organic derivatives wash out the oils from them. The hydrophobicity of the standard silicone grease is similar to the hydrophobicity of silicone oils and increases after heating the surfaces covered with the paste. They spread well on metal surfaces, increasing their resistance to corrosion and can be used to lubricate molds in plastics processing, for maintenance of rubber seals, in cars, refrigerators and freezers (does not cause swelling of rubber and plastics) as insulation in electrical connections, for lubrication and maintenance of household appliances (water and sewage fittings, drawers, plastic products). How to use: smear the surface with a small amount of paste.

Basic product data Standard Silicone Grease






Working temperature


-40 to +200





g/cm 3




NLGI consistency


pH of the aqueous extract

4 to 6

breakdown voltage,


around 30

Dielectric constant 100 Hz


Warranty period: 18 months from the date of production.
The silicone paste should be stored in original, tightly closed packaging in dry warehouses at temperatures from 0 to + 30 °C.

Packaging:. 20g,50g,100g1 kg as well as tubes and sachets of any size.

tags; squeaky door; hose grease, aquarium filter seal grease, lubricant, insulating grease, high-voltage cable grease, anti-puncture grease, rubber grease, cheap grease.