Molykote P 1900 Food-certified anti-seize paste - 1kg

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Atest: NSF H1 spożywczy do kontaktu z żywnością

Baza chemiczna: Olej mineralny

Cechy szczególne: Dobra ochrona przed korozją, Dobra wodoodporność, Wydajność w niskich temperaturach, Wydajność w wysokich temperatur., Wysoka nośność duże obciążenia

Kategoria: pasty smarne

Konsystencja NLGI: NLGI 2

Nazwa kategorii: Pasty przeciw zatarciom

Niska temperatura: od 0°C do -30°C

Pojemność opakowania: 1kg

Przemysł: Elektronika, Medycyna i farmacja, Żywność i Napoje

Wysoka temperatura: +250°C do 300°C

Zastosowanie: Gwinty i połączenia gwintowane, Maszyny spożywcze, Montaż i docieranie, Prowadnice ślizgowe, Wrzeciona

MOLYKOTE® P-1900 FM Anti-Seize Paste nsf international logo 96A5B63247

Mineral oil based anti-seize paste with solid lubricants including white solids for high load capacity and water resistance. H1 certificate

Product overview

MOLYKOTE® P-1900FM Anti-Seize Paste is a high performance mineral oil based grease with a unique combination of aluminum thickener and solid lubricant additives for versatile lubrication in industrial and food sensitive production. MOLYKOTE® P-1900FM complies with performance requirements according to FDA Reg. 21 CFR 178.3570 and is NSF registered as H1 Certificate for incidental food contact. MOLYKOTE® P-1900FM exhibits long-term lubrication of metal contacts with high load capacity and very low coefficient of friction.


MOLYKOTE® P-1900FM is a multi-purpose lubricating paste that can be used in many applications and types of equipment, including:
  • Mechanical elements in food processing equipment
  • Systems for the production of milk or beverages
  • Sliding metal interfaces for heavy loads and low to medium speed movements

Features and benefits

  • NSF H1 certified performance
  • meets the requirements of FDA Reg 21 CFR 178.3570 High
  • thermal stability (from -30 to 180 ° C as a lubricant, or up to 300 ° C as a dry paste after evaporation of the base oil)
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Resistant to water and washing
  • Excellent load carrying capacity

Problems solved

  • lubricating paste
  • Accidental food contact or contamination hazard
  • Ineffective paste lubrication under heavy load
  • Melting or migrating lubricants at high temperatures

product specification

Product type Anti-seize pastes
Technology Mineral oil
Base oil viscosity @ 40C 34
NLGI Grade 1
Thickener Aluminum complex
Solid lubricants White solids
Low Temperature (C) -thirty
high temperature (C)

Up to 180 ° C as a lubricant, or
° C as dry paste after base oil evaporation)

Color white
Density: g/ml


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  • Assembly and running-in
  • Food machines
  • Slides, guides and tracks
  • Threads, threaded connections

Related Markets

  • Electronics
  • Food and drinks
  • Heavy industry
  • Industrial maintenance, repair and refurbishment
  • Medicine and pharmacy

Related performance benefits

  • Good water resistance
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Performance at high temperatures
  • Low speed performance
  • Wide temperature range

Related product chemistry

  • Mineral oil

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