RESIST UR 600 Paste for cleaning power insulators

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Cechy szczególne: Dobra wytrzymałość dielektryczna

Kategoria: pasty smarne

Przemysł: Energetyczny, Przemysł ciężki

Zastosowanie: Elektryczne


Paste for cleaning energy insulators

Cleaning of dirt on ceramic insulators of all types


Resist UR 600 paste is designed for cleaning the most difficult dirt on ceramic insulators of all types. Especially recommended for high voltage insulators

  • Maintenance and removal of dirt from ceramic insulators
  • Cleaning of high voltage insulators in LV and MV switchgears
  • Maintenance of electrical insulators

Features and benefits

Thanks to the use of zinc as an abrasive material, the cleaned surface is not damaged

  • leaves no scratches
  • removes tarry dirt, soot, old lubricants
  • cleans deposits formed during renovation works - paints
  • cleans dirt of material origin - ceramic dust, ash, sand

Technical data of Resist UR 600 insulator paste

Character Gray paste
Density at 20'C 1.17 g/cm3
Flash-point >65'C
temperature of self-ignition Lack
Solubility in water partial
Cleaning power mean
Cleaning efficiency High
Evaporation time not applicable
Method of application brush, cleaning cloth

More about the group of RESIST® UR agents for cleaning power equipment

A group of products intended for cleaning electrical and power installations and devices, such as: control cabinets, LV and MV switching stations, busbar bridges, insulators, transformers, disconnectors, fuses, contactors, radiators, fans, transmission devices, dry and oil transformers, rolling stock devices , elements of overhead stations, electrical mining and ship equipment.

Agents from the RESIST® UR group do not leave deposits, do not attack plastics and varnishes, do not cause accelerated "aging" of cable insulation. Safe for work in confined spaces. The highest cleaning efficiency is achieved by using the CARD 2 unit.

For the convenience of users, the preparations have been classified according to a code that determines the possibility of further modification of the basic technical parameters of the products, such as: cleaning efficiency of various types of dirt, evaporation rate, flash point, etc.