Molykote 7400 Air cured anti-friction coating - 1kg

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Baza chemiczna: Spoiwo Organiczne

Cechy szczególne: Wydajność w niskich prędkościach, Wydajność w niskich temperaturach, Wydajność w wysokich temperatur., Wysoka nośność duże obciążenia

Nazwa kategorii: Powłoki Przeciwcierne

Pojemność opakowania: 1kg

Przemysł: Konserwacja i Remonty, Motoryzacja, Obróbka i produkcja metali, Przemysł ciężki, Transport

Skład Ciała Stałe: MoS2 dwusiarczek molibdenu

Wysoka temperatura: +151°C do 200°C

Zastosowanie: Montaż i docieranie, Podwozie, Pompy, Powłoki, Prowadnice ślizgowe, Łańcuchy, Łożyska toczne, Łożyska ślizgowe panewki tuleje

MOLYKOTE® 7400 Anti-friction coating

Water-based, dry air curing grease with solid graphite and molybdenum disulfide for long term protection under heavy loads

Product overview

MOLYKOTE® 7400 Anti-Friction Coating is a high-performance, solvent-free, dry lubricant that provides long-term protection for heavily loaded equipment. MOLYKOTE® 7400 AFC is the ideal solution for applications where grease or oil is undesirable. MOLYKOTE® 7400 AFC leaves a thin, gray film that provides exceptional metal-to-metal surface stability at slow to moderate speeds and heavy loads.


MOLYKOTE® 7400 Anti-friction Coating can be used in a variety of applications that require a water-based, air-curing lubricant, including:
  • Pumps and gears
  • Bearings
  • Threaded connections
  • Guides, guides and rails
  • Bushings and connectors
  • Drive shafts for automotive transmissions
  • Maintenance-free automotive threads, sliding sleeves and mechanisms

Features and benefits

  • Does not contain flammable solvents
  • Water-based
  • High load capacity
  • Low coefficient of friction

Problems solved

  • Flammability issues associated with solvent-based technologies
  • High energy requirements in secondary curing phases
  • High level of friction or metal-to-metal wear

product specification

Product type Anti-friction coatings
Technology Organic binder
Solid lubricants MoS2
Curing temperature (C) 20
Low Temperature (C) -70
high temperature (C) 200
Color Gray

Related Apps

  • Assembly and running-in
  • Shell
  • Gears, gearboxes, pumps
  • Sliding bearings, bushings and bushings
  • Slides, guides and tracks
  • Threads, threaded connections

Related Markets

  • Industrial maintenance, repair and refurbishment

Related performance benefits

  • High load carrying capacity
  • Performance at high temperatures
  • Low speed performance
  • Performance at low temperatures
  • Wide temperature range

Related product chemistry

  • Organic binder

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