Molykote 1000 grease with copper for screws - 1kg

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MOLYKOTE® 1000 paste

Mineral oil based copper paste with solid lubricant additives of copper and graphite for long term protection of screw and threaded connections.

MOLYKOTE® 1000 paste is a lead and nickel-free anti-seize paste used to reduce wear and optimize friction on threaded fasteners or other metal-to-metal connections, allowing non-destructive disassembly, even after prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Provides good corrosion protection under heavy loads over a wide temperature range.

MOLYKOTE® 1000 has amazing thermal stability and can withstand temperatures up to 1202°F without oil loss or evaporation.


MOLYKOTE® 1000 paste has been developed for use in a variety of applications and devices, including but not limited to:

Metal screw connections
Devices with frequent assembly/disassembly
Cylinder head bolts Bolts
nozzle head
Plastic injection and molding systems
Metal fasteners in tough
conditions. Tension rings in industrial centrifuges

Features and benefits

Incredibly wide thermal stability (-30°C to 650°C)
Ability to carry very heavy loads
Facilitates easy disassembly for routine maintenance without damage
Excellent resistance to metal galling Excellent protection against
Lead and nickel free formula

Problems solved

Seized metal bolts, screws or fasteners
Excessive metal corrosion in harsh environments
Melting or migration of lubricants at extreme temperatures

product specification

Solid lubricant: Copper, graphite, white solids
Low Temperature: -30°C (-22°F)
High Temperature: 650°C (1,202°F)
Brown color
Grade: NLGI 1-2
Density at 20°C: 1.26 g/mL

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