Bicycle chain oil with molybdenum MoS2 Lube - 10ml

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MoS2 Lube - 10ml Synthetic oil with molybdenum additive for bicycle chain

The product is packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis, a small package will be perfect for testing.

Synthetic chain lubricant enriched with molybdenum disulfide with high adhesive strength and anti-corrosion additives. MoS2 Lube is a mixture of synthetic and mineral oils as a base oil and a number of premium additives, commonly known as enriching. The task of the additives, which are the most important chemical part of the lubricant, is to improve the anti-seize and anti-wear properties and to set the amount of friction at the desired level. The liquid molybdenum compounds (MoS2) used in the chain oil cause tribochemical reactions between the chain and the lubricant and increase the service life and protect against dirt and dust. An additional important property of the lubricant is a significant reduction in noise.

molybdenum disulfide chain oil EP (extreme pressure) additives, which are an integral part of the chemical composition, react with the base oil and indirectly with the chain elements and are particularly active during strong pressures that occur during high-performance and amateur riding with great effort. For this reason, it is a product recommended especially to professional cyclists, both road and track, and cycling groups.

Corrosion inhibitors contained in the base oil are designed to protect the chain against the interaction with metal elements of oxides and acids formed during the oil aging process. The molybdenum disulfide used in the construction of the product is a liquid molybdenum foil of a dispersion nature, which means that the lubricant should be mixed by shaking before use, which ensures even mixing of the molybdenum compounds with the basic oil. The black color of the MoS2 Lube hybrid series product is due to the use of a "cushion" of molybdenum compounds that have an intense black color.

The additives improving adhesion and penetrating-creeping additives contained in the oil increase the fluidity and reduce the viscosity of the lubricant, so that the lubricant is evenly distributed over all parts of the chain, and in particular reaches its most difficult to lubricate places, i.e. the rollers of the links. The whole product forms a laminar plate structure and meets all the necessary standards for "lubricate and go" bicycle lubricants, which retain their integrity at the molecular level when they are crushed by the pins and plates of the chain and front sprocket even at high power. The MoS2 Lube chain lubricant is thin and looks like a light syrup and is packaged in a 100 ml bottle with a dispenser matched to the shape of the chain links.

Black MoS2 Lube has a long service life and thanks to anti-deposit additives, the chain does not require mechanical cleaning, and subsequent lubrication only increases the lubricants contained in the chain. This advantage makes the product extremely economical in operation.

The biggest advantage that distinguishes the product from others on the market is the form of a special molybdenum compound used, which significantly reduces the friction of metal elements and additionally increases the transport and penetration of the lubricant in hard-to-reach places.
After applying the optimal amount of lubricant to the chain elements, the transport additive evaporates, leaving a thin lubricating film on the chain elements, which is slightly wet to the touch and does not absorb dirt from the environment.

Although MoS2 Lube chain oil is recommended for use in dry to slightly damp weather conditions, it should be noted that puddles or light rain do not reduce the lubricating properties of the product and it is difficult to rinse it out. So it is not a preparation only for dry conditions; wet will not wash out the lubricant immediately.

The manufacturer's recommended method of lubricating the bicycle chain with MoS2 Lube oil is as follows. After mixing the lubricant by mechanical movements with the bottle, before using the lubricant, get rid of the old lubricants remaining on the chain, preferably using the physical method (e.g. with a brush) and chemical method (we recommend ecological Hybrid Bike Cleaner which not only degreases but also cleans). then apply one drop of lubricant to each roller, from the inside.

Apply dropwise on the chain links, remembering that oil has the greatest penetrating properties in the first minutes after flowing out. Once the rollers are soaked, spin the pedals for about 10 to 30 seconds to distribute the lubricant evenly between the rollers and the pins. After waiting a few minutes, wipe off excess oil from the chain with a cloth or a special sponge. Externally, the chain may look dry - it is important that the pins and rollers are lubricated. After evaporation of the creeping agent, a clean lubricant with molybdenum disulfide remains on the chain

A bicycle chain lubricated in this way causes the special active surface contained in the lubricant to reduce the rolling resistance of the drive and improve the transmission of the drive and significantly reduce friction. Deep chain penetration ensures quiet operation, protects the drive system from overload and extends chain life by protecting it from dirt and water.

Basic data of the MoS2 Lube product taken from the product data sheet

Standard Contents Unit result
CTM0176 color black
Composition: a mixture of synthetic and mineral oil, corrosion inhibitors, EP lubricant additives, penetrating additives, molybdenum disulfide compounds in a low viscosity dispersion
DIN 51 757 Density at 20°C g/ml 0.9
Recommended operating temperature range °C - 15 to +130
DIN 51 562 Viscosity at 40°C mm²/s 170
DIN 51 350 pt.4 Weld load n 2400
DIN 51 350 pt.5 load capacity mm mm 0.7
Flash point, °C -> 200 °C > 220

Product packaging: 10ml, 100ml.250ml or any for individual orders

MoS2 Lube bicycle chain oil is designed for competitive and amateur rides in dry and slightly wet weather conditions.

Shelf Life and Storage: When stored below 30°C in its original unopened containers, this product has a shelf life of 60 months from the date of manufacture

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