Molykote 41 Extreme High Temperature Grease - 100g

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MOLYKOTE® 41 Extremely high temperature grease

Silicone grease that can be used at temperatures higher than normal silicone greases

Key properties

NLGI Grade 2 - Silicone based grease with a base oil viscosity of 375 cSt at 40°C, black thickened, no solid lubricants.


Ideal for use in kiln conveyors, kiln carts, molten salt discharge pumps, steam turbine regulator connectors, knife blade current breakers, etc.

  • Gears, gearboxes and pumps
  • Sliding bearings, bushings and bushings
  • Plastic lubrication
  • Power screw drives
  • rolling bearings
  • Guides and slide tracks

Performance benefits

  • It does not melt even at high temperatures
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Good oxidation resistance
  • Good compatibility with plastics and rubber
  • Good waterproof
  • High temperature performance
  • Wide temperature range

Product Details

Product type Lubricants
Technology Silicon
Base oil viscosity @ 40C 375
NLGI Grade 2
Thickener Soot
Solid lubricants Thread
Low Temperature (C) -20
high temperature (C) 290
Color Black

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