INSTA-STIK MP FC GUN 750ml Mounting foam adhesive

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Cechy szczególne: Dobra przyczepność do wielu podłoży, Klej/uszczelniacz jednoskładnikowy

Niska temperatura: od 0°C do -30°C

Typ produktu: Klej poliuretanowy

Wysoka temperatura: +151°C do 200°C

Zastosowanie: Wielozadaniowe

INSTA-STIK MP FC Multipurpose Fast Cure GUN ADHESIVE 750ml

Adhesive based on polyurethane foam for building materials

Professional foam adhesive for use with various types of insulation or rigid boards for concrete, masonry, plaster, wood, metal and various bitumen substrates

A one component polyurethane foam sealant that cures quickly and has low expansion, can be applied both horizontally to floors and vertically to walls.


  • for building materials
  • for polystyrene, extruded and expanded polystyrene
  • for polyurethane,
  • for mineral wool
  • plasterboard
  • for concrete, masonry, plaster, wood, metal
  • for various bitumen substrates.
  • for fixing white expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) boards to mineral substrates (e.g. concrete, ceramic) when insulating buildings with the jointless method (ETICS). Extruded polystyrene (XPS) boards should also be fastened mechanically.

Features and Benefits:

  • fast setting
  • good adhesion to many building materials
  • can also be used on damp surfaces
  • extremely low expansion
  • high performance
  • does not contain solvents and freon
  • can be used in harsh weather conditions

Typical Properties

Property unit Value
Color light yellow
Cutting time EN17333-3 M1 min. 20
Time to reach skin EN17333-3 M2 min. 5
Yield (gluing surface) m2 around 15
Density kg/m3 18
temp. application °C +0 to +35
Thermal resistance °C -30 to +150
Tensile strength EN17333-4 M5 kPa ≥80
Fire resistance DIN 4102-1 - B2

Durability and Storage

Shelf life: 18 months When stored in an upright position and in dry conditions. Protect the product and accessories from direct sunlight.
Storage temperature: +5°C to +25°C

How to use

Substrate preparation

Surfaces prior to foam spraying must be dry, sound, clean and free of dust, grease or loose particles. The foam adheres well to most commonly used construction materials, such as wood, concrete,
plaster, drywall, metal, mineral wool, EPS, XPS, PUR and
PIR foams. The exceptions are polyethylene or other polyolefin films and surfaces contaminated with silicone, oil or grease.

Method of application

  1. Shake the can vigorously at least 20 times.
  2. Screw the straw onto the valve. NOTE: Do not use excessive force to avoid damage.
  3. To extrude the foam, make sure the can is in an upright position with the valve down, carefully press the trigger against the straw.
  4. The applied amount can be dispensed with the trigger.
  5. The foam expands, be careful not to overfill the gap

Curing time

The curing time is usually 12 hours, but the actual curing time
depends on application temperature.