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Atest: NSF H1 spożywczy do kontaktu z żywnością

Baza chemiczna: Silikonowa

Cechy szczególne: Dobra wodoodporność, Kompatybilność guma i tworzywa, Właściwości uwalniające do form

Niska temperatura: od -31°C do -50°C

Przemysł: Konserwacja i Remonty, Konsumencki, Papier i Celuloza, Sprzęt AGD

Rodzaj: Aerosol Spray

Typ produktu: Wyprzedaż

Wysoka temperatura: +201°C do 249°C

Zastosowanie: Linki i pancerze, Maszyny spożywcze, Papier i tektura, Prowadnice ślizgowe, Smarowanie gumy i elastomerów, Smarowanie tworzyw sztucznych, uszczelnienia o-ringi i zawory


FOR PLASTIC AND RUBBER. Colorless grease with high viscosity.


  • all types of sanitary devices - traditional and lever (gas) valves,
    seals, connectors, taps, valves, joints
  • pure lubrication in the textile, paper and food industries
    electrical and power devices (current path protection)
  • power enclosures operating in extreme temperatures (from -60°C to +230°C)
  • automotive industry – for lubricating cables in armours, locks, hinges, bushings and screws
  • protection against corrosion of printing machines and wherever grease comes into contact with paper
  • in the food industry for lubrication of machine elements
    accidentally coming into contact with food

Features and ADVANTAGES

  • has PZH approval + NSF H1 food approval (No. 153304)
  • waterproof and weatherproof
    operating at the temperature: - 60 to +230° C
  • covering the rubbing surfaces with a thin layer of silicone grease ensures maximum friction reduction and long operation of the protected devices
  • ideal for use at the interface between surfaces made of plastic, metal, ceramics, rubber and many others
  • does not stain and does not stick with dust
  • anti-adhesive - facilitates removal from the molds
  • safe - does not contain any harmful solvents


tube 40 g, spray 300 ml, spray 500 ml, duospray 500 ml, can 500 g, 5kg, 17kg, 180kg