WEICON Anti-Seize Paste Synthetic assembly paste

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Cechy szczególne: Dobra ochrona przed korozją, Dobre zapobieganie frettingowi, Odporny na wysokie temperatury, Wydajność w wysokich temperatur., Wysoka nośność duże obciążenia, Wysoka odporność na zużycie

Przemysł: Chemia i Petrochemia, Energetyczny, Górnictwo, Konserwacja i Remonty, Konsumencki, Lotnictwo, Obróbka i produkcja metali, Przemysł ciężki

Wysoka temperatura: +301°C do 500°C, Wysoka temperatura i stopy

Zastosowanie: Gwinty, Gwinty i połączenia gwintowane, Montaż i docieranie, Obróbka skrawaniem, Wysoka temperatura i stopy

Anti-Seize Assembly pastes

WEICON Anti-Seize has a high thermal resistance and excellent separating properties. It is used as a protective, separating and lubricating agent for heavily loaded components. The ideal combination of solids and selected additives enables a wide range of applications. WEICON Anti-Seize protects against corrosion, galling and wear, stick-slip, oxidation, fretting corrosion and electrolytic reactions ("cold welding"). It is designed for many industrial applications.


  • multi-application

Features and Benefits:

  • Without silicone
  • Durable corrosion protection
  • prevents scuffing and "cold welding"

Technical data

Base Synthetic oil blend
Color anthrazite
Viscosity at +25 °C (DIN 51757) 1.16g/cm³
Coefficient of friction 0.13
Coefficient of friction - total 0.14µ
Coefficient of friction - thread 0.13µ
Coefficient of friction - reversed 0.15µ
VKA-TEST (DIN 51350) working load 4.200N
VKA-TEST (DIN 51350) welding force 4,400N
VKA-TEST (DIN 51350) flaw (1 Min/1000N) 0.5mm
Worked Penetration (DIN ISO 2137) 310 - 340 1/10mm
Specific Thermal Ability (20°C) 1.325 J/(g K)
Thermal resistance (20°C) 0.355mm²/sec
Thermal conductivity (ISO 22007-4) (20 °C) 0.546 W/m K
Dielectric strength (DIN EN 60243-1) at 20°C 1.3kV/mm
Sulfur content (DIN 51400) <0.1%
Water resistance (DIN 51807) 0 - 90
pressure load 230N/mm²
Shelf life 24 months
The viscosity of the mixture 1.8g/cm³
brine test > 170 hours
Specific resistance 1.2 x 10^15 Ohms/cm
Thermal resistance -180 to 1200 °C
ISSA code 53.402.71/... /80
IMPA code 450871/ ... /77

Application method:

Degrease and clean the surfaces. Apply assembly paste evenly. It does not replace oil or grease lubrication.

Apply the assembly paste evenly with a brush, brush, cloth or sponge.

Method of application pressure pack remove the closure. Regulate flow rate Max. or Min. Press handle and distribute medium. After turning the valve to the "min." the valve closes automatically and the product flow is stopped.

In the case of screws, it is important that the paste is applied all the way to the base of the thread to achieve a good sealing effect. Assembly pastes should not be mixed with oils or greases. Assembly paste does not replace grease or oil.


When using WEICON products, please observe the physical, safety, toxicological and ecological data and regulations in our safety data sheets (www.weicon.de).

Available packages:

[ 10 g ] [ 30 g ][ 85 g ][ 120 g ][ 200 ml ][ 400 g ][ 450 g ][ 500 g ][ 1 kg ][ 5 kg ][ 10 kg ][ 20 kg ][ 1.8 kg]