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About MOLYKOTE® special lubricants

For over 70 years, customers around the world have trusted the MOLYKOTE® brand for performance and expertise to solve or prevent virtually any lubrication problem and save energy. Available through a global network of over 3,000 sales partners, MOLYKOTE® brand lubricants – featuring over 500 anti-friction coatings, compounds, dispersions, greases, oils and fluids and pastes – serve the automotive and industrial/ maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) markets.

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Lubricating pastes

Greasy materials containing a very high percentage of solid lubricants. Used for assembly and lubrication of heavily loaded, slowly moving parts of threaded connections

  • MOLYKOTE® 1000 paste

  • MOLYKOTE® Cu-7439 Plus paste

  • MOLYKOTE® D paste

  • MOLYKOTE® DX paste

  • MOLYKOTE® E paste

  • MOLYKOTE® Gn Plus paste

  • MOLYKOTE® G-Rapid Plus paste

  • MOLYKOTE® HSC Plus paste

  • MOLYKOTE® HTP paste

  • MOLYKOTE® M-77 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® P-37 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® P-40 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® P-74 paste

  • MOLYKOTE® P-1900 FM

  • MOLYKOTE® TP-42 paste

  • MOLYKOTE® UN Paste


Solid or semi-solid materials consisting of a lubricating fluid, a thickening agent and additives. Used in rolling bearings and other moving parts.

  • MOLYKOTE® 33 Light low-temperature grease with a light consistency

  • MOLYKOTE® 33 Medium Extreme Low Temperature Grease

  • MOLYKOTE® 41 high temperature black grease

  • MOLYKOTE® 44 Light high-temperature grease with a light consistency

  • MOLYKOTE® 44 Medium High temperature grease

  • MOLYKOTE® 55 O-ring grease

  • MOLYKOTE® 165 LT grease - grease for gears and gears1

  • MOLYKOTE® 822 M Grease

  • MOLYKOTE® 1102 gas tap grease

  • MOLYKOTE® 3451 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® 3452 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® 7348 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® 7514 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® BG-20 Synthetic high speed bearing grease

  • MOLYKOTE® BG-555 sound-absorbing grease

  • MOLYKOTE® BR-2 Plus high performance grease

  • MOLYKOTE® EM-30L grease

  • MOLYKOTE® EM-50L grease

  • MOLYKOTE® EM-60L grease

  • MOLYKOTE® FB 180 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-67 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-68 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-72 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-807 low friction grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-0052 FM White food-grade grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-0100 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-0101 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-0102 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-1001 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-2001 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-2003 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Food-grade multi-purpose synthetic grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-4501 FM Multi food grade grease

  • MOLYKOTE® G-4700 synthetic Grease for extreme pressures

  • MOLYKOTE® High vacuum vacuum lubricant

  • MOLYKOTE® HP-300 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® HP-870 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® Longterm 00

  • MOLYKOTE® Longterm 2 Plus

  • MOLYKOTE® Longterm W2

  • MOLYKOTE® Multilub

  • MOLYKOTE® PG-21 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® PG-54 grease

  • Plastislip MOLYKOTE® PG-65

  • MOLYKOTE® PG-75 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® X5-6020 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® YM-102 grease

  • MOLYKOTE® YM-103 grease

    Silicone lubricants

    Mixtures of silica compounds

    Greasy materials of various consistencies, consisting of silicone fluids and silica fillers. Used for its sealing, dielectric, lubricant and anti-adhesive properties in the case of non-metal-to-metal contact.

    • MOLYKOTE® 111 silicone grease mixture

    • MOLYKOTE® 4 Electrical insulating mixture

    • Molykote 7 release lubricant

    High-performance industrial lubricating oils

    • Chain oils

    • Oils for compressors and vacuum pumps

    • Gearbox oils

    • Hydraulic oils and universal oils

    • Special purpose oils

    Anti-friction coatings

    "Grease Paints"; once applied, these materials cure to form dry, solid lubricant films that bond to the surface.

    • MOLYKOTE® 106 anti-friction coating

    • MOLYKOTE® 3400A LF anti-friction coating

    • MOLYKOTE® 3402C LF Anti-Friction Coating

    • MOLYKOTE® 7400 Anti-friction coating

    • MOLYKOTE® D-7405 Anti-friction coating

    • MOLYKOTE® 7409

    • MOLYKOTE® D-10

    • MOLYKOTE® D-321 R

    • MOLYKOTE® D-3484

    • MOLYKOTE® D-708

    • MOLYKOTE® D-96

    • MOLYKOTE® Metal Protector plus - protective wax

    • MOLYKOTE® PTFE-N UV Teflon Spray

    Lubricating dispersions

    Finely divided solid lubricants suspended in lubricating fluids; preferred when it is necessary to use solid lubricants in liquid form.

    • MOLYKOTE® A dispersion

    • MOLYKOTE® HTF Solid dispersion lubricant

    • MOLYKOTE® M-30 dispersion

    • MOLYKOTE® M-55 Plus dispersion

    • MOLYKOTE® MKL-N grease

    • MOLYKOTE® Multigliss spray

    • MOLYKOTE® Omnigliss spray



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