smar do kruszarki

Crusher grease with high load capacity


A crusher is colloquially a grinding machine that uses the crushing process to produce aggregate. The device cuts and crushes the material between two jaws - fixed and movable.


They are most often used in quarries and recycling. The basic types of crushers are jaw, cone and impact crushers. Regardless of its construction, each crusher contains many friction nodes that require lubrication.


Operating conditions, high loads and revolutions determine the choice of lubricant. Only high-performance lubricants will meet our crusher lubricant requirements.


One of the basic lubricants for mechanical crushers is Molykote 3451 , a chemical-resistant white NLGI 1.5 bearing grease , which can be used for virtually all lubrication points of the crusher, mulcher, and sliding guides of road and construction machines, from bearings and bushings to plastic and rubber elements.


Molykote 3451 grease developed on fluorosilicone oil, apart from very high chemical resistance, is characterized by:

  • oxidation resistance
  • high load-bearing capacity
  • temperature performance (from -50°C to +249°C)
  • water resistance

The conditions in which the crusher operates are directly matched to the parameters of Molykote 3451 grease.

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