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Lubricating the Chain of an Electric Bicycle


Lubricating the Chain of an Electric Bicycle

When buying an electric bicycle, often called an e-bike, we wonder whether the maintenance of its components is the same as that of traditional bicycles. In our today's considerations, we will focus on the electric bicycle chain.

How to lubricate the chain on an electric bike?

Lubricating your electric bike chain is a key maintenance item that ensures a smooth ride and extends the life of parts. Below are some steps to help you do this:

Although the basic components are similar between a traditional bike and an e-bike, this does not mean that an e-bike can use the same type of chain lube as an analog bike.

You will get the answer why by reading this article to the end.

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Key differences between a traditional bicycle and an electric bicycle

Although both bikes may share common parts, you should consider the following differences between traditional bikes and e-bikes:

  • Electric bikes exert 3 times more force on the chain compared to a traditional bike.
  • Electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) use more durable components because they are exposed to greater torque and thrust forces resulting from riding in more challenging conditions and terrain.
  • Electric bikes cover longer distances and are operated in variable climatic conditions.
  • The cadence (it is assumed that the best cadence is between 80 and 110 revolutions of the crank per minute) is higher in an electric bike , which exposes the chain and sprockets to greater wear.

Do electric bikes require special chain lubricant?

Because e-bikes are often used for longer distances and can be subjected to greater loads than traditional bikes, regular maintenance and lubrication of the chain is crucial to maintaining their performance and extending their life.

Therefore, it is important to use a lubricant that will provide effective protection against wear and corrosion. If you hear the opinion that electric bikes do not require special chain lubricant, please remember that:

E-bikes should be fitted with high-quality lubricants that are weather-resistant, waterproof and provide adequate protection against wear and high loads.

The choice of lubricant for cycling depends on the climate and riding conditions that the electric or traditional bicycle is subjected to. It may also depend on the parts you are applying grease to.

The general principle of lubricating a bicycle chain for a traditional and electric bicycle is very similar. Use chain lubricant designed for various riding conditions.

When riding in rainy weather and when riding off-road where there is a lot of dirt and mud, you should use high-strength greases (greases containing EP additives have the highest durability in this respect) and dedicated to such conditions.

During summer and sunny weather, it is recommended to use dry type lubricants, commonly known as DRY LUBE . Lubricates They act like wet lubricants that then dry on the chain, which means dust won't stick to it. If dry lubricant is used in rainy weather, the moisture removes it from the chain very quickly, which is its disadvantage. In recent years, dry type (hybrid) lubricants have been developed, which also hold the chain tightly in wet conditions.

In addition to these two extremes, there are other lubricants such as semi-dry and lighter wet lubricants that suit those of us who like to ride in a variety of conditions. There are also wax lubricants that are becoming better and more popular every year. This mainly applies to drop-type wax greases that meet all the conditions for greases for electric bicycles.

The chain lubrication method is the same as in traditional bicycles:

The first, but very important, step will be to prepare the chain for lubrication and will consist of:

  • Cleaning the chain: If the chain is dirty, start by cleaning it. You can use a special chain cleaner or soapy water. Use a cleaning brush or old toothbrush to remove dirt from the chain, cassettes and sprockets.
  • Removing old lubricant : If there is excess old lubricant on the chain, remove it to prevent dirt from accumulating. You can use special tools to clean the chain or just a cloth. Now you can start properly lubricating the chain.

    1. Apply a drop of lubricant to each link of the chain. Make sure it covers both sides of the link. We want the grease to get between the plates and reach the pin inside.
    2. Do this separately for each link in the chain.
    3. Once you're done, slowly pedal backwards for a few revolutions.
    4. Leave for a few minutes.
    5. Wrap the chain in a clean, dry cloth and slowly pedal backwards with your other hand to wipe off excess lube.
    6. After lubrication, check the chain tension. It should be just right, neither too loose nor too tight. You can adjust the tension with the appropriate tool if necessary.
    7. Once you have finished lubricating and adjusting the chain tension, do a short test ride to make sure everything is working properly. Make sure the chain runs smoothly and quietly.

    How often should you lubricate the chain on an electric bike?

    Chain lubrication basically depends on the number of kilometers traveled and the weather conditions in which our bike was ridden. If we want our drive to serve us for a long time and work failure-free and quietly, we can assume, as in traditional bicycles, that we should do it at least every 100 km in the case of mineral and cheap lubricants and every 200 to 300 km in the case of synthetic liquid lubricants of good quality. quality.

    Should you lubricate your electric bike with spray oils?

    We do not recommend using spray lubricants for electric bikes. E-bikes have sensitive brake discs. A small amount of grease on these discs can damage your hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes.

    Brake damage is more dangerous on e-bikes because they go faster and are heavier than standard bikes. An electric bike needs more braking power compared to the brakes of traditional bikes. Moreover, spray lubricants used on bicycle chains do not effectively lubricate the chain pins, because the air supplied with oil to the very narrow and tight fit of the link and roller creates an air cushion that prevents oil from getting to the entire link and roller.

    Many e-bike chain lubricants on the market provide no additional benefits. Many of them are simply thicker chain lubricants marketed as "special" lubricants for e-bike chains.

    Even with the extra torque and increased cadence in an e-bike motor, these "specially christened" ones are always highly efficient.

    Whether you need to use good chain lubricants designed for e-bikes will depend on your climate and riding conditions and the manufacturer's recommendations.

    If you want to find a lubricant designed specifically for electric bikes, check out the parameters of leading companies in this field. Ebike chains often require a different type of lubrication than standard bicycle chains because the drivetrain components can withstand heavy loads and heat.

    So be sure to purchase a lubricant designed for e-bikes to ensure your chain stays lubricated and in good condition. One of the recommended lubricants can be found on this domain under the name Evil Volt Lube.

    VOLT LUBE 100ml Electric bike chain oil - Evil Lubricants

    • Silences the operation of the chain
    • reduces the rolling resistance of the chain, which translates into greater drive power
    • does not attract dirt or dust
    • water and washout resistant
    • easy dosing using a dropper,
    • economical operation, synthetic oil lasts longer
    • protects against wear, increasing the life of the chain lubricants-products-online-shop

    In summary, the best ebike chain lubricants for a smooth ride and are designed specifically for e-bikes have properties that make them ideal for the job. When choosing a lubricant, take extra care to ensure it meets the needs of your bike.‍

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