WEICON 306-38 WEICONLOCK AN 306-38 bearing fixing adhesive

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Atest: NSF 61 Systemy wody pitnej

Cechy szczególne: Klej/uszczelniacz jednoskładnikowy

Typ produktu: Klej anaerobowy

Zastosowanie: Przekładnie i Koła zębate, Łożyska toczne


Good adhesive with increased viscosity and medium strength, dismountable and quick for fixing bearings and wheels . Useful for food production. It has certificates for drinking water.

Selection table for WEICONLOCK anaerobic bonding adhesives


  • Bearing fixing
  • Fastening gears and pins

Features and Benefits:

  • good viscosity
  • fast curing
  • medium strength
  • removable
  • drinking water certificates

Technical data

Viscosity at +25 °C 2,500 mt mPa s
properties Fluorescent
Shelf life 24th month
Threaded connection to M 36
Color green
Initial strength at room temperature 5 minutes
Final strength at room temperature 1 - 3 hours
Thermal resistance -60 to +150 °C
ISSA code 75.628.18/19/20
IMPA code 815222/23/24

Application method:

For optimal results, the parts to be installed must be degreased and cleaned, e.g. with WEICON Surface Cleaner (if necessary, the surfaces may be machined). WEICONLOCK can also be used on uncleaned surfaces, e.g. on screws as delivered. However, the cleaner the surface is, the better the results are achieved.

WEICONLOCK is dispensed evenly onto the surface thanks to the PEN system; avoid direct contact of the dispensing tip with metal. In the case of clamp joints and larger connecting elements, both surfaces should always be wetted thinly and evenly. Connect the parts quickly. The joined parts should not be touched until the initial adhesive strength is reached. Do not put back into the bottle WEICONLOCK that has already been in contact with metal. Even the smallest metal particles lead to the hardening of the material in the bottle. In serial production, we recommend the use of dosing devices.

Available packages:

[ 10ml ][ 20ml ][ 50ml ][ 200ml ]