Standard BOX - A gadget for a cyclist A set of lubricants

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Standard BOX - A gadget for a cyclist - A set of lubricants

A set of bicycle lubricant products packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

For every novice cyclist, we offer you a set of greases and lubricants necessary for the proper operation of your bicycle equipment. We have assembled several products under the name Standard BOX into one aesthetic wooden chest. This mini set, which should be the perfect gift for the amateur cyclist and beginner cyclist, includes:

1. SILK LUBE silicone-synthetic blend for chain 100 ml

2. MoS2 LUBE synthetic-molybdenum blend for chain 100ml

3. LITHIUM GREASE Universal lithium grease from -25 °C to 120 °C. 70 ml

4. CABLING high quality silicone compound for Bowden cables 30ml

5. FORK Grease lubricant for shock absorbers, bicycle seals 5g

Extra: Surprise

We are convinced that our idea for a Christmas or birthday gift will appeal to every novice cyclist. If you want a set richer equipped with lubricants, we invite you to analyze the sets: Deluxe BOX, Premium BOX, Exclusive BOX