Silicone grease

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Silicone grease

Molykote 111

is a classic silicone mixture that is used as a lubricant, protective and protective coating for metal, rubber, plastic surfaces, elastomers, O-rings and gaskets. Molykote 111 silicone grease is safe for lubricating elements working in the production of drinking water, sealing filters, O-rings and gaskets. Due to its high dielectric properties, Molykote 111 grease is used in electrical and electronic equipment as well as in plants producing and processing electricity.

The wide use of silicone grease has led many manufacturers to produce this type of grease. The question arises whether the large differences in the price of these products are reflected in the quality of this product and there is a colossal difference between the cheapest and the most expensive silicone lubricants.

Molykote 111 is a penetrating lubricant of the highest quality, designed by Dow Corning, which is the owner of many patents in this field and has the greatest experience and scientific and research facilities.

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