Hinges Graphite Grease for hinges 30ml

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Graphite Hinges 30ml

White Grease for hinges packaged by ELUBE by ABS Serwis

The hinge is a technical element that we all know and cause us trouble only when it is damaged or lacks grease. Creaking, squeaking of the hinge is the best proof that our hinge does not have grease or the grease that it had has worn out, lost its properties or has been damaged due to dust and moisture. This state of lack of lubricant means friction, which causes the door to squeak. How to fix a creaking door? What to do so that the door does not creak?. If we have already answered the question why the door creaks, it is the turn to answer the question of what to do to prevent the door from creaking?
If we plan to get rid of the annoying phenomenon of squeaking hinges or door stops for a longer period of time, we suggest using white and beige grease for hinges from Hignes.

Features and benefits

It is a synthetic grease with the addition of mineral oil and Teflon, characterized by very high adhesion and long-lasting lubricating properties, which means that we will not have any problems with the problem of creaking for a long time.
High resistance to washing out with water, frost (the grease does not change its properties down to -35 ° C) and excellent resistance to heavy dust and corrosion


The grease can be used to lubricate metal, plastic and rubber elements, which means that if our hinge contains such elements in its construction, we can successfully use it. Such structure of the grease allows it to be used to lubricate both simple door hinges, refrigerator hinges and more complex car hinges, almost all hinges used in industry, cars, household appliances and at home. Packed in a small tube package with a cannula-type application tip, the company's hinge lubricant should be included in every household.