Shell Tonna S2 M - Guide oil

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Baza chemiczna: Olej mineralny

Cechy szczególne: Dobra ochrona przed korozją, Wysoka odporność na zużycie, Wysoka przyczepność i adhezja

Przemysł: Obróbka i produkcja metali

Typ produktu: Olej do prowadnic

Zastosowanie: Hydraulika, Obróbka skrawaniem, Prowadnice ślizgowe


Shell Tonna S2 M 68

Shell Tonna S2 M 220

Machine Tool Slideway Oil

Guide oil with excellent fluid separation
machining and refrigeration

Shell Tonna S2 M is a high performance lubricant for machine tool guides and feed mechanisms. Its improved adhesion and stick-slip resistance significantly improve the operation of the systems. It is recommended for applications where there is a high likelihood of oil contamination by cutting and cooling fluids, as it exhibits excellent separation.


  • Machine tool guides, tables and feeding mechanisms
    Compatible with a wide range of slide materials including cast iron and synthetic materials.
  • In hydraulic or transmission systems,
    although Tonna S3 M oils are recommended for such applications.
  • Low viscosity Shell Tonna S2 M 68 oil is recommended for horizontal guides .
  • Tonna S2 M 220 oil is recommended for vertical guides .

    Features and benefits

    • Easy separation from aqueous solutions of cutting fluids
      Excellent and immediate separation when in contact with aqueous processing emulsions. These properties help to achieve longer life of coolants, better machining parameters and reduction of health and safety hazards.
    • Excellent adhesive properties
      It provides very effective adhesion to metal surfaces, resistance to washing out with cutting fluids, and thus reduces oil consumption. It ensures efficient and stable operation of the machine.
    • Good friction properties
      Prevents stick-slip, thus ensuring more accurate positioning. This gives the opportunity to improve the quality of the machined surfaces and to obtain greater dimensional accuracy.
    • Good wear protection
      Provides wear protection for guides, bearings and hydraulic system components.
    • Outstanding anti-corrosion properties
      Provides anti-corrosive protection of metal surfaces, even in the presence of aqueous emulsions of cutting fluids.

    Technical parameters


    Tonna S2 M 68


    Tonna S2 M 220

    Viscosity grade ISO 3448 68
    kinematic viscosity [mm2/s] ISO 3104
    at 40 [°C] 68
    at 100 [°C] 8.6
    Viscosity coefficient ISO 2909 98
    Density at 15 [°C] [g/cm3] ISO 12185 0.879 0.894
    COC flash point [°C] ISO 2592 225
    Pour point [°C] ASTM D97
    -24 -15

    Specifications and approvals

    • Fives Cincinnatti P-50 (ISO 220), P-47 (ISO 68), P-53 (ISO 32)
    • ISO 19378 / ISO 6743-13 GA and GB DIN CGLP
    • DIN 51502 CGLP guide oils
    • GB 11118.1 L-HG

    Environmental Protection
    Used oil should be handed over to an authorized and licensed waste disposal company.
    Do not pour into the soil, surface waters or drains.