Shell CORENA S4 R - Synthetic oil for air compressors

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Baza chemiczna: Syntetyczna PAO Polialfaolefina

Cechy szczególne: Dobra ochrona przed korozją, Dobra odporność na utlenianie, Wysoka odporność na zużycie

Przemysł: Motoryzacja

Typ produktu: Olej przekładniowy, Olej sprężarkowy

Zastosowanie: Hydraulika, Pompy, Sprężarki


Shell Corena S4 R 46

Shell Corena S4 R 68

Advanced Synthetic Rotary Air Compressor Oil

Advanced synthetic oil for rotary air compressors

Shell Corena S4 R is an advanced synthetic air compressor oil designed to provide superior lubrication for rotary vane and screw compressors. Its unique advanced additive system provides excellent compressor protection and performance with oil drain intervals of 10,000 hours, up to 12,000 hours under certain conditions. Shell Corena S4 R can be used where a synthetic gear oil, circulating oil or oil containing anti-oxidation and anti-rust additives is required.



  • Vane and screw air compressors
    Shell Corena S4 R is suitable for use in injection and splash lubrication systems on single and two-stage air compressors.
  • Difficult working conditions
    It can also be used if high temperatures and humidity are present.
  • Transmission and circulating oil
    Excellent for use when gear oil, circulating oil or an oil containing antioxidant and anti-rust additives in ISO VG 32-68 viscosities is required. In these cases, it provides additional benefits due to increased resistance to deposit formation, improved low temperature fluidity and reduced equipment operating temperatures.

    Features and benefits

    • Long oil life - reduced maintenance costs
      Shell Corena S4 R is capable of achieving oil change intervals of 10,000 hours (when approved by the manufacturer), even at compressor discharge air temperatures of up to 1,000°C. Change intervals can be extended up to 12,000 hours under certain conditions. The advanced formulation of Shell Corena S4 R extends oil life by:
      • Exceptional resistance to temperature and chemical degradation.
      • Resist deposits on rotating parts in screw compressors and in grooves in vane compressors to ensure continued operational efficiency.
      • A small amount of deposits is formed, which allows you to maintain perfect cleanliness of the internal surfaces of oil/air separators, as well as in coalescing systems.
        The intervals between oil changes depend on the quality of the compressed air, operating conditions and ambient conditions. In humid and hot climates such as in Asia and the Pacific, it is recommended to shorten the change intervals below the recommended 10,000 hours (we recommend checking the oil manufacturer's recommendations).
    • Outstanding wear protection
      Shell Corena S4 R provides exceptional protection for internal metal surfaces against corrosion and wear. It contains an excellent package of zinc anti-wear additives, which significantly extends the service life of the components most exposed to mechanical damage, such as bearings and gears.
    • Efficient operation of systems
      Shell Corena S4 R provides quick air release without excessive foam formation for trouble-free operation, even in intermittent use, ensuring reliable starting and constant supply of compressed air.
      Shell Corena S4 R has a low volatility resulting in less evaporation and less oil carryover in the compressor, resulting in fewer refills and better air quality.
      In addition, Shell Corena S4 R has good water separation parameters ensuring continuous, effective operation, even in the presence of water

    Technical parameters Shell CORENA S4 R46 and R68


    Corena S4 R 46


    Corena S4 R 68

    Viscosity grade ISO 3448 46
    kinematic viscosity [mm2/s] ASTM D445
    at 40 [°C] 46
    at 100 [°C] 7.5
    Viscosity coefficient ISO 2909 135
    Density at 15 [°C] [g/cm3] ISO 12185 0.843 0.848
    COC flash point [°C] ISO 2592 230
    Air release (minutes)
    ASTM D3427 2 4
    FZG degree of load CEC-L-07-A-95 12 12
    Pour point [°C] ASTM D97
    -48 -48
    Water Separation @54 ° C (minutes) ASTM D1401 10 10

    Specifications and approvals

    • ISO 6743-3:2003(E) L-DAJ

    Compatibility and mixability

    • Shell Corena S4 R is miscible with mineral oils, however, the addition of mineral oil reduces the oil's performance properties. Care should be taken when mixing Shell Corena S4 R with certain types of synthetic oils.

    Work safety and environmental protection

    Shell Corena S4 R does not pose a direct health risk when properly used for its intended purpose and with personal and industrial hygiene. Avoid skin contact. Use protective gloves. In case of skin contact, wash off the oil with soap and water

    Environmental Protection
    Used oil should be handed over to an authorized and licensed waste disposal company.
    Do not pour into the soil, surface waters or drains.