Molykote Powder Spray with molybdenum disulfide - 400ml

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Cechy szczególne: Wydajność w niskich prędkościach, Wydajność w wysokich temperatur., Wysoka nośność duże obciążenia

Nazwa kategorii: Smary plastyczne

Niska temperatura: od -31°C do -50°C

Pojemność opakowania: 400ml

Przemysł: Energetyczny, Konserwacja i Remonty, Sprzęt AGD

Rodzaj: Aerosol Spray

Skład Ciała Stałe: MoS2 dwusiarczek molibdenu

Wysoka temperatura: +301°C do 500°C

Zastosowanie: Obróbka skrawaniem, Przekładnie i Koła zębate

Molykote Powder Spray

Grease based on Molybdenum Disulfide in Aerosol, content of MoS2 Powder op 16%

application applications

  • As a dry lubricant for metal surfaces in the form of a rubbed film when installing press fits, to facilitate running-in, as well as in friction assemblies exposed to high temperature, heavy loads, aggressive media, dust
  • Turnbuckles
    • rolling bearings
    • Sliding bearings
    • Slide guides
    • Rolling guides
    • Gear drives (closed)
    • Cargo ropes
    • Interference landing bindings
    • Spline/groove connections
    • Gaskets

Features and benefits

  • High adhesion - adheres well to lubricated surfaces
  • It has the properties of an anti-impact lubricant
  • Compatible with most plastics
  • Compatible with most elastomers
  • Prevents jump-like movements
  • Facilitates assembly and disassembly

Solved problems after application

  • Dust accumulation on lubricated surfaces
  • Dust ingress into the closed lubrication unit and abrasive wear
  • Centrifugal grease dripping or ejection
  • Frequent relubrication
  • Difficult to assemble and disassemble
  • Deformation and destruction of plastic and rubber parts
  • It is not possible to use liquid and lubricating greases


Characteristic Result
Color Black
Product shape Spray
Anti-friction additives (fillers) Solid lubricants: molybdenum disulfide - 16%