Molykote G-0052 Grease for the food industry - 5kg

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Atest: NSF H1 spożywczy do kontaktu z żywnością

Cechy szczególne: Dobra wodoodporność, Kompatybilność guma i tworzywa, Wysoka nośność duże obciążenia

Konsystencja NLGI: NLGI 2

Nazwa kategorii: Smary plastyczne

Niska temperatura: od 0°C do -30°C

Pojemność opakowania: 5kg

Przemysł: Medycyna i farmacja, Żywność i Napoje

Wysoka temperatura: +131°C do 150°C

Zastosowanie: Maszyny spożywcze, Prowadnice ślizgowe, Przekładnie i Koła zębate, Łańcuchy, Łożyska toczne

MOLYKOTE® G-0052 FM White EP Bearing Grease nsf international logo 96A5B63247

White bearing grease with Food Approval MOLYKOTE® G-0052 FM

Universal grease suitable for incidental food contact NSF-H1

Key properties

NLGI Grade 2 - MO based grease with a base oil viscosity of 115 cSt at 40 C, thickened with an aluminum complex, white solids are used as a solid lubricant. It is also H1 certified by NSF for incidental food contact.


Universal lubrication of mechanical components such as bearings, chains, gears and guides in food and beverage processing plants.

  • Chains
  • Food machines
  • Gears, gearboxes and pumps
  • Sliding bearings, bushings and bushings
  • Plastic lubrication
  • rolling bearings
  • Rubber and elastomer lubrication
  • Guides and slide tracks

Performance benefits

  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Good water washout resistance
  • High load capacity
  • Compatible with many plastics or elastomers
  • Meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570
  • Meets NSF H1 classification for incidental food contact
  • Kosher approved
  • Available in consistency grades NLGI 0, 1 and 2

Product Details

Product type Lubricants
Technology Mineral oil
Base oil viscosity @ 40C 115
NLGI Grade 2
Thickener Aluminum complex
Solid lubricants White solids
Low Temperature (C) -17
high temperature (C) 150
Color white