Molykote 7 Release Compound Mold release lubricant - 100g

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Baza chemiczna: Silikonowa

Cechy szczególne: Dobra odporność chemiczna, Dobra odporność na utlenianie, Dobra wodoodporność, Kompatybilność guma i tworzywa, Wydajność w niskich temperaturach, Właściwości uwalniające do form

Konsystencja NLGI: NLGI 1

Nazwa kategorii: Mieszanki Silikonowe

Niska temperatura: od -31°C do -50°C

Pojemność opakowania: 100g

Przemysł: Chemia i Petrochemia, Elektronika, Konsumencki, Obróbka i produkcja metali, Przemysł ciężki, Ropa i gaz, Stolarski i Drewniany, Transport, Żywność i Napoje

Wysoka temperatura: +201°C do 249°C

Zastosowanie: Kable sterujące, Papier i tektura, Smarowanie gumy i elastomerów, uszczelnienia, uszczelnienia o-ringi i zawory

MOLYKOTE® 7 Release Compound Release compound

Versatile, heat stable, highly effective silicone release agent. Used with plastics, rubber, metals and adhesives, it provides long-term release but is inert to most materials.

Silicone based electrical insulating compound with excellent release and high temperature performance

Product overview

MOLYKOTE® 7 Release Compound is a high performance grease-like lubricant solution based on dimethyl silicone with excellent stability and virtually non-volatile performance. MOLYKOTE® 7 exhibits excellent long term stability and resistance to high purity polydimethyl silicone fluids and inert silica filler. MOLYKOTE® 7 also meets or exceeds the performance requirements of many industry specifications for food and water safe applications, including NSF 51, NSF 61 and FDA Regulation 21 CFR 175.300.


MOLYKOTE® 7 Release Compound is a fantastic all-in-one solution for a wide range of applications and equipment types. Including, among others:

  • Food processing equipment
  • Drinking water systems
  • Mold release in foundry molds (core and shell)
  • Processing during breaks in the tire press. Blisters
  • Lubricant and preservative for rubber parts
  • Glue or binder remover
  • Cable and wire extraction grease
  • Release by plastic extrusion
  • Agent of plastic film packing machine
  • Epoxy release agent

Features and benefits

  • Very high thermal stability (-40° to 204 °C)
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Performance certified by NSF 51 and NSF 61
  • Performance certified by FDA Reg 21 CFR 175 300
  • Excellent release performance
  • Insoluble in water
  • Virtually non-volatile

Problems solved

  • Premature oxidation in the lubricant
  • Thermal breakdown, melting or evaporation of the lubricant
  • Contamination problems in lubricants in the food or water industry

product specification

Product type Relationships
Technology Silicon
NLGI Grade 1
Thickener Silica
Low Temperature (C) -40
high temperature (C) 204
Color Translucent white
Arc resistance (CTM 0171) 126 seconds
Dielectric strength (50 mil gap) >450V/mil

Related Apps

  • Control cables
  • Rubber and elastomer lubrication
  • Valves, seals, seals and O-rings

Related Markets

  • Chemistry and Petrochemistry
  • Electronics
  • Food and drinks
  • Heavy industry
  • Home appliances and appliances
  • Industrial maintenance, repair and refurbishment
  • Metal processing and production
  • Oil and gas
  • Transport

Related performance benefits

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good oxidation resistance
  • Good compatibility with plastics and rubber
  • Good water resistance
  • Performance at high temperatures
  • Performance at low temperatures
  • Release properties
  • Wide temperature range

Related product chemistry

  • Silicon

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