Molykote 111 silicone grease 10g

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MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound

Lubricant silicone compound for general lubrication of NLGI Grade 3-4 O-rings and valves

Product overview

MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound is an industrial valve and seal lubricant with decades of proven performance. MOLYKOTE® 111 is formulated with silicone oil and contains an inorganic thickener that provides excellent adhesion and durability.
MOLYKOTE® 111 meets several stringent global regulatory requirements for safe applications in contact with water, including WRAS, NSF 51 and NSF 61.


The MOLYKOTE® 111 compound can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including but not limited to:
  • Pressure and control valves
  • Water softening valves Piping and tap valves
  • Sealants for vacuum systems
  • High pressure systems
  • Outdoor and Marine Equipment Subject to Washing or Harsh Environmental Conditions
  • Electrical service boxes, meters and connectors
  • Lubrication of rubber or plastic sealing rings
  • Lubrication of seals and seals

Features and benefits

  • Excellent water resistance and stability
  • Very wide thermal stability (-40°C to 200°C)
  • Low supply steam pressure
  • Very low volatility
  • Meets performance requirements for NSF 51 and NSF 61
  • Meets FDA 21 CFR 175.300
  • Translucent white appearance

Problems solved

  • Loss of O-ring lubricant due to water washout
  • Seal failure due to incompatible chemicals
  • Concerns about sticking seals and deterioration of weather conditions

product specification

Product type Relationships
Technology Silicon
NLGI Grade 3-4
Thickener Silica
Solid lubricants Silica
Low Temperature (C) -40
high temperature (C) 204
Color Translucent white

Related Apps

  • Control cables
  • Rubber and elastomer lubrication
  • Valves, seals, seals and O-rings

Related Markets

  • Food and drinks
  • Home appliances and appliances
  • Oil and gas
  • Pulp and paper

Related performance benefits

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good oxidation resistance
  • Good compatibility with plastics and rubber
  • Good water resistance
  • High tack and adhesion
  • Performance at high temperatures
  • Performance at low temperatures
  • Release properties
  • Wide temperature range

Related product chemistry

  • Silicon

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