PULSAR Leak Tester for gas installations

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Cechy szczególne: Kompatybilność guma i tworzywa

Przemysł: Chemia i Petrochemia, Motoryzacja, Ropa i gaz

Typ produktu: Tester szczelności

PULSAR Gas Leak Detector

Professional agent for testing the tightness of pressure gas installations

The product is certified by the Oil and Gas Institute for detecting micro-leaks

PULSAR is a professional agent for checking the tightness of pressurized installations (gas and compressed air) and LPG installations in cars.

The preparation in a capacity of 400 ml is made using BOV technology, i.e. aerosol with a bag.

Thanks to this, it works in any position and is used in difficult conditions, e.g. in the absence of gravity, on orbital stations.

PULSAR LEAK TESTER has anti-corrosion properties and does not require surface preparation or washing after the leak test.

This is a product that can be used on a variety of surfaces including rubber, metal, plastic and other materials. The product is resistant to high temperatures, which allows it to be used in various conditions.


Checking for leaks in pressure systems in:

  • installations of all flammable gases
  • technical gases
  • compressed air installations
  • automotive LPG fuel systems

Features and benefits

  • incombustible,
  • non-explosive
  • harmless to painted surfaces.
  • The tester contains propylene glycol in the form of a homogeneous liquid.
  • the propellant is carbon dioxide CO2
  • is certified by the Oil and Gas Institute

Technical data, product parameters

    Characteristic Result
    Color of the liquid/foam colorless/white
    Density 1.04 g/cm3
    Solvent content lack
    Operating temperature range: -20'C to +50'C
    Foam durability approx. 3 min
    Durability in original packaging 24 months
    Filling gas compressed air

    Application method:

    Apply PULSAR to the tested joint through the dosing tube from a distance of 2-4 cm, directly to the pipe connection and other places where you suspect a leak. In the event of a leak, the product will produce bubbles, allowing you to quickly and effectively detect the problem.

    After using the tester, wetted surfaces do not require any cleaning because after a short time the foam disappears and turns into a liquid that evaporates without causing surface corrosion .

      Impact on ecology

      The product is not classified as hazardous to the environment (biodegradable input, aerosol filled with compressed air).

      Packaging types:

      55 ml, 300 ml, 400 ml