Premium BOX - A gift for a cyclist

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If we ourselves use the bike for long or extreme trips or competitive riding, we or our loved ones will need lubricants and chemical preparations for the maintenance and proper operation of the bike. As a manufacturer of lubricants for the Hybrid bicycle industry, we have prepared a set of lubricants necessary for everyone for whom a bicycle is not only a Sunday means of transport for a trip out of town. We packed all the necessary lubricants in a wooden aesthetic packaging and called it Premium BOX. The box contains:

1. SILK LUBE silicone-synthetic blend for chain 100 ml

2. MoS2 LUBE synthetic-molybdenum blend for chain 100ml

3. Micro Lube chain lubricant for changing weather conditions 100ml

4 FAST GREASE synthetic bicycle grease 100 ml

5. CABLING high quality silicone compound for Bowden cables 30ml

6. FORK grease grease for shock absorbers, bicycle seals 10g

7. LITHIUM GRAPHITE high quality graphite grease 60ml

8. Silicone Standard silicone grease for seals and rubber 60ml

9. BIKE CLEANER new generation chain cleaner 500 ml

Extra: Surprise

A large set that will meet the needs of a sports racing cyclist as well as an experienced highlander or BMX cyclist. If you want a set with different equipment, we invite you to analyze the sets: Standard BOX , Deluxe BOX, Exclusive BOX