NYROSTEN N 113 FS Lubricant for mining ropes

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NYROSTEN N 113 FS Wire Protection

Anti-corrosion agent for steel ropes

Recognized for decades as a first-class supplemental anti-corrosion agent for mining ropes. NYROSTEN N 113 FS has been developed to rejuvenate Koepe mining steel wire ropes that have previously been impregnated with NYROSTEN N 113. It is also used today where strong adhesion and excellent corrosion protection are required with minimal coating thickness.

NYROSTEN N 113 FS is already the standard for additional corrosion protection in many industrial sectors. NYROSTEN N 113 starter anti-corrosion agent is also available in other consistencies (paste with 20% solvent or enriched with 25% solvent).

Features and benefits

  • Permanently adhering,
  • excellent corrosion protection
  • strong adhesion

Technical parameters of Nyrostyrene N 113 FS

Property Standard Value
Color green-gold
Flash point DIN EN 22719/1 > 65 °C
Consistency liquid
Solvent content 0.5
Method of application sprayed by hand
Consistency hard-elastic
Condensation point ISO 2176
Condensation point DIN 51801/2 > 90 °C
Penetration ISO 2137 40 - 70 1/10mm
Flash point DIN ISO 2592 > 220 °C
Critical breaking point (Layer thickness 75 g/m²) DIN 52012 -30°C

Available packages: 500ML spray container, 5KG Bubble, 10KG Bucket, 25KG HOBBOCK, 200KG Drum

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