WEICON Thread sealing thread DF175

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WEICON DF 175 is a patent pending thread that is made of 100% PTFE and is suitable for almost all metal and plastic thread seals and solar technology applications. It is extremely resistant to almost all chemicals, even the most aggressive solvents, alkalis and acids. WEICON DF 175 is non-flammable and functionally reliable in a temperature range of -200 °C to +240 °C (-328 to +464 °F). WEICON DF 175 is very economical and productive: one roll of DF 175 will replace 20 normal rolls of PTFE tape (12 mm x 0.1 mm x 12 m)


    - seals on metal threads

    - seals on plastic threads

    - seals on solar technology applications


      Features and Benefits:

      - exceptional resistance to chemicals

      - exceptional temperature resistance

      - non-flammable, economical and productive

      Technical data


      resistant to chemicals

      and temperature

      Shelf life 24th month
      Width 12mm
      Thickness 0.1mm
      Thermal resistance from -200 to +240 C
      ISSA code 75.628.40
      Color White

      Application method:

      For optimal results, parts to be assembled must be degreased and cleaned, e.g. with WEICON Surface Cleaner.

      Wind the thread starting from the end of the pipe, in the direction of the thread. Make sure you have applied the correct amount of glue. Apply 2-3 drops of lubricant (reservoir in the foot of the packaging, the lubricant is safe and biodegradable) by spreading it over the windings with your finger. The lubricant is harmless and biodegradable. Do not use grease on liquid oxygen connections.

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