Molykote P74 Anti-seize paste Temp. 1500'C - 500g*

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MOLYKOTE® P-74 Assembly paste

Durable, metal-free grease for anti-seize and lubrication applications

Key features

PAO based anti-seize paste containing solid lubricants such as graphite and white solids.

SAG mill increases productivity, reduces unscheduled downtime through proper insert screw installation, lubrication


Suitable for the assembly and installation of a wide range of threaded connections such as bolted connections, plain bearings, linear slide guides, splined shafts, interference fit connections, exhaust bolts, spark plug threads, flanges and flange gaskets, door hinges and brake mechanisms.

  • Assembly and lapping
  • High temperature and feet
  • Plain bearings, bushings and sleeves
  • Threaded connections fasteners

Benefits of use

  • High load capacity
  • Good protection against corrosion
  • Non-metallic formula
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Low and constant friction coefficient
  • Facilitates disassembly even after longer periods and after demanding and unfavorable operating conditions
  • The metal-free formula prevents fasteners from becoming brittle and causing environmental contamination
  • With a coefficient of friction similar to oiled bolts, tightening torques can be calculated and applied evenly even after repeated loosening and tightening, helping to:
  • Uniform pressing force on flanges, valves, housings, etc.
  • Increased safety against screw breakage
  • Increased safety against loose screws due to vibration
  • Performance at high temperatures
  • Low speed performance

Product Details

Product type Anti-seize pastes
Technology Polyalphaolefin (PAO)
NLGI class 1-2
Solid lubricants Graphite, white solids
Low temperature (C) -40
High temperature (C) 1500
Color Greyish Black
Density at 20°C: 1.21 g/ml

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