Molykote BG-555 Noise dampening grease

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Baza chemiczna: z Estrem

Cechy szczególne: Dobra ochrona przed korozją, Niski poziom hałasu, Wydajność w niskich temperaturach, Wydajność w wysokich temperatur.

Niska temperatura: od -31°C do -50°C

Pojemność opakowania: 1kg

Przemysł: Elektronika, Konserwacja i Remonty, Stolarski i Drewniany

Wysoka temperatura: +131°C do 150°C

Zastosowanie: Elektryczne, Silniki elektryczne, Łożyska toczne

MOLYKOTE® BG-555 Low Noise Grease

Quiet Low noise lubricant.
Long service life, wide temperature range.

Synthetic NLGI Grade 2-3 grease, based on POE polyester with a lithium thickener, providing extended protection and noise damping properties commonly used in roller bearings.


It is suitable for use in bearings at low and elevated temperatures for long periods. Can significantly extend grease change or bearing replacement intervals.

  • Electric motors
  • rolling bearings
  • enclosures exposed to temperatures

Features and benefits

  • Good noise attenuation
  • Low sound
  • Long-lasting lubricant
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Excellent properties at low temperatures
  • low viscosity, low rolling resistance
  • Wide temperature range from -40 °C to + 150 °C


Long Life

The service life of MOLYKOTE® BG 555 is several times longer than other bearing greases on the market. Both at low and elevated temperatures. (See Figure 1.)
life of Molykote BG-555 grease

Noise damping properties

MOLYKOTE® BG 555 grease is manufactured by a special process in a dust-free factory. Impurities are removed from the main raw materials.
Additives and a base oil of appropriate viscosity are selected so that the grease lubricated bearings achieve quieter operating values.

Low temperature properties, low rolling resistance

MOLYKOTE® BG 555 grease is made of an excellent synthetic lubricating oil and is designed to have a structure that creates the least internal resistance. (See Figure 2.)
Low noise and rolling resistance of Molykote BG_555 grease

Product details

Product type

Technology Ester
Base oil viscosity @ 40C 26
NLGI Grade 2
Thickener Lithium complex
Low Temperature (C) -40
high temperature (C) 150
Color (PPSH-50) Light Straw, beige
Low noise performance test
Speed ​​DN value(2) mm/min 1,300,000
Load (4 BALLS LOAD TEST) 1500,000N