WEICON Fast-Metal Adhesive for metal

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Fast Metal MA WEICON

Liquid epoxy adhesive for metal

WEICON Fast-Metal MA is ideal for service work where greater adhesive tolerances are required. WEICON Fast-Metal MA for joining fibre-reinforced materials, plastics, stone, glass, wood, ceramics, metals and many other materials. It is used where a manual dispenser is not needed.

Due to its gap-filling ability, it is suitable for rough and ill-fitting surfaces and fills cracks, holes and unevenness.


  • metal
  • plastics
  • stone
  • glass
  • wood
  • ceramics

Features and Benefits:

  • Manual dispenser not needed
  • Ideal for service work
  • Universal glue
  • High filling content
  • Dense
  • Filling, residual and flexibility
  • Fast curing

Technical data

Mixture viscosity at +20 °C 300,000 mPa s
Properties Paste, filling the gaps
Shelf life 18 months
The viscosity of the mixture 1.8g/cm³
Color gray
Curing temperature +6 to +40 °C
Open time at +20°C 10 ml portion 3-4 minutes
Final strength (100%) after 24 hours
Shore D hardness 70
Thermal resistance -50 to +145 °C
ISSA code 75.629.51
IMPA code 812981

Application method:

The prerequisite for perfect bonding is clean and dry bonding surfaces (cleaning and degreasing with WEICON Surface Cleaner).

MA can be applied directly from cartridges. Discard the first 5 cm of dispensed adhesive. Mix the product thoroughly. Quickly apply the mixture to the glued surface. The two surfaces must then be joined together immediately.


When using WEICON products, please observe the physical, safety, toxicological and ecological data and regulations in our safety data sheets (www.weicon.de).

Available packages:

[ 24 ml ]