Hylo Clean Cleaner for removing gaskets and silicone

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Hylomar HyloClean 400ml Degreaser and Gasket Remover

Cleaning fluid for removing silicone or used sealant from dismantled surfaces

It is also perfect for cleaning and degreasing surfaces before gluing or sealing. Hyloclean is also very effective in removing uncured silicone and uncured epoxy product.


  • Silicone remover (uncured product)
  • Removal of liquid gaskets (Hylomar M, Universal Blue, Advanced Formula and Aerograde, uncured anaerobic Hylogrip, Hylobond, acrylic adhesives and Hylotyte Red)
  • Degreasing of metal elements
  • Removing most oils, greases, metal chips and dirt from any metal surface
  • To clean the surface before applying the adhesive or sealant:

    Features and benefits

    • leaves no residue and evaporates quickly after application
    • Highly effective in removing Hylomar products and other sealants
    • It can also be used to clean and degrease surfaces
    • Leaves no traces
    • Evaporates quickly after application

    Technical data

    • Packaging capacity: 400ml Spray
    • Unique blend of solvents


    1. Spray HYLO®CLEAN generously on the surface of the glued or sealed element, wipe clean with a cloth. Allow plenty of time for the solvent to evaporate before applying the sealant or adhesive.
    2. To remove excess sealant or adhesive from the joint after assembly, spray the cleaner generously on a cloth and wipe off the excess. Be careful when spraying directly onto the assembled component as the solvent may get into the joint itself and damage the seal.
    3. Also be careful with painted parts and some plastics as the solvent can discolor and soften paints and plastics.