Hybrid "FORK GREASE" Shock absorber grease 100ml

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Hybrid "FORK GREASE" Shock absorber grease 100ml

Waterproof silicone grease that reduces friction, designed to lubricate gaskets, O-rings and bushings in shock absorbers, packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis.

The advanced composition of FORK GREASE Hybrid has been selected in such a way that the grease is suitable for lubricating metal, rubber and plastic elements. At the same time, its properties have excellent resistance to oxidation, moisture and weather conditions, especially water washout. Therefore, Grease works great in bicycle shock absorbers. It does not lose its properties in any conditions and always adheres firmly to the surface, ensuring slip.
FORK Grease temperature range: -60 to 200 'C,
NLGI consistency - 2