Dowsil Primer P Primer for porous surfaces

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Baza chemiczna: Rozpuszczalnik

Cechy szczególne: Dobra przyczepność do wielu podłoży, Wysoka przyczepność i adhezja

Typ produktu: Środek gruntujący

DOWSIL™ Construction Primer P

Primer for use with most silicone sealants on porous and cementitious surfaces to enhance adhesion. 

It is an air-drying primer supplied as a solution of resin reactive materials in a solvent

With proper preparation, it is also suitable for metal substrates such as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) overcoating resin-painted aluminum. 

Application Applications

  • Priming porous substrates such as
    • concrete
    • brick, wall
    • natural stone
    • glass fiber reinforced concrete
    • resins
    • metal
  • Properly prepared metal substrates, painted aluminum
  • Primer for silicones
  • Horizontal applications where residual water may be present

Features and Benefits

  • It supports the adhesion of silicone sealants to masonry, stone, concrete and metal surfaces
  • Comfortable one-piece formula
  • Film-forming primer resistant to degradation of adhesion due to immersion in water
  • The resin does not discolor under the influence of sunlight

Basic parameters of Dowsil Primer P

Adhesion to Concrete, masonry, metal, stone
Color Clear, transparent
Flash point, closed cup 8°C
Shelf life 540 days
Specific gravity at 25°C 0.95
subsoil porous
UV marker NO
Volatile organic content 748g/litre
After applying Primer P
Sealant application time at 25°C
Minimum 0.5 hour
maximum 8 hours

Package Size: 

500ml container

Shelf Life and Storage

When stored in original, unopened containers, DOWSIL™ Construction Primer P has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.
DOWSIL™ Construction Primer P should be stored between 5 and 25°C in a well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.


method of application

Surface preparation

Porous surfaces to be primed should be clean, dry and free from contamination. Use the abrasive cleaning method, then blow with compressed air to remove dust.

Non-porous surfaces should be cleaned with solvent using two cloths,

overlay application

Primer Apply a thin, even layer with a brush to the surfaces to be primed.

Allow the primer to air dry for at least 30 minutes before
sealant application (the primer should be dry to the touch).

Sealer should be applied within 8 hours of primer application.

Equipment cleaning

Brushes should be soaked in DOWSIL™ OS-2 Silicone Cleaner and Solvent or other
suitable solvent immediately after use.


This product is neither tested nor intended for medical or pharmaceutical use.

DOWSIL™ Construction Primer P inhibits the curing of the following Dowsil construction sealants due to the presence of alcohol in the primer. Do not use DOWSIL™ Construction Primer P with the sealers listed below unless the application procedure and drying time demonstrate a fully curable sealant/primer combination.

    • DOWSIL™ 790 silicone construction sealant
    • DOWSIL™ 888 silicone joint sealant
    • DOWSIL™ 890-SL silicone joint sealant
    • DOWSIL™ NS construction sealant
    • DOWSIL™ SL construction sealant
    • DOWSIL™ Contractors Concrete Sealant