Dowsil FIRESTOP 700 fireproof sealant

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dowsil firestop 700 uszczelniacz ognioodporny
dowsil firestop uszczelniacz ognioodporny
dowsil firestop 700 uszczelniacz ognioodporny

Cechy szczególne: Dobra przyczepność do wielu podłoży, Klej/uszczelniacz jednoskładnikowy, Utwardzanie Alkoxy (Neutralny)), Wydajność w niskich temperaturach, Wydajność w wysokich temperatur.

Niska temperatura: od -31°C do -50°C

Norma: EN 1366-4

Pojemność opakowania: 310ml

Wysoka temperatura: +151°C do 200°C

Dowsil™ FIRESTOP 700 Fire Stop Sealant - 310ml

A fire retardant one component neutral curing silicone sealant that provides excellent primerless adhesion to a range of common construction substrates including steel, masonry and brick.


  • Line expansion joints in fire walls
  • Minor penetration seals where pipes or cables pass through fire resistant structures
  • Horizontal and vertical linear joints and sealing of passages in walls

Specifications DOWSIL™ FIRESTOP 700(CN) Sealant complies with:

  • GB23864-2009 A3
  • GB/T14683-2017
  • BS EN 12101: Part 1: 2005 + A1 2006

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to four hours of fire resistance
  • Neutral cure with joint movement ± 50%
  • Excellent weather resistance, including resistance to ozone, UV radiation and extreme temperatures
  • Long service life
  • easy to apply
  • Complies with ISO 11600-F and G25LM
  • CE mark as a fire retardant sealant according to EAD 350141-00-1106
  • Tested and classified according to EN 1366-4 and 13501-2 (connector design details on request)

Adhesion to

Anodised aluminium, Brick, Fluorocarbon coated aluminium, GRP/GRC, Heat strengthened glass, Lightweight stone panels, Low-E coated glass, Natural stone, Polyester powder coated aluminium/Steel, Wood

Typical Properties

Test Property Unit Result
ASTM1D2202 Flow/Sag mm Max.1
WZT20097B Density g/cm3 1.48
WZT98B Machining working time minutes 15
ASTMC679 Non-adhesive time(23°C,50%right) hours 1.5
WZT663A Cure Index(23°C,50%Right) mm After 1 day: 2
ISO38339 Tensile strength MPa 0.57
ISO8339 Elongation at break % 345
ISO8339 100% module MPa 0.39
ISO9047 The ability to move the connection % ±50
ASTMD2240 Hardness, Durometer Shore A 26
application temperature °C +5 to +40
Working temperature °C -50 to +180
W413501-1 Evaluation of reaction to fire ON Class B, s2, d0
EN13501-2 Fire resistance rating min Up to 4 hours of integrity and isolation depending on connector detailing
Eurofins VOC ON Indoor Air Comfort: Gold
expiration date months 12

Application benefits

    • Movement ability: -/+ 50%
    • Resistance type: Ozone resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, water resistance
    • Temperature range: 5 to 40°C

Processing and formulation benefits

    • Type of curing: Neutral
    • Number of parts: One
    • Drying time -50% relative humidity: 90 minutes
    • Processing time: 15 minutes

Estimation of sealant application requirements.

Linear meters per 310 ml cartridge
6mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm
10mm 5.2 3.1 2.1 1.0
15mm 2.1 1.4 1.0 0.8
20mm 1.6 1.0 0.8 0.6

Durability and Storage

When stored at or below 30°C (86°F) in the original, unopened containers, this product has: a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.

How to use


Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry, firm and free of frost. Clean all joints to release hydrophobic agents, cement laitance, dust, dirt, old sealants and other contaminants that may impair adhesion. Metal surfaces should be cleaned and degreased by wiping with a suitable solvent using an oil and lint free cloth. For further advice on specific substrate cleaning, please contact Dow Technical Services.
Note: Always ensure adequate ventilation when using any solvent. Avoid heat, sparks and open flames. Follow all precautions listed on the solvent container label or on the Product Safety Data Sheet.
DOWSIL™ FIRESTOP 700(CN) Sealant should not be applied to surfaces below 5°C (41°F) as a dry, frost-free surface cannot be guaranteed at these temperatures.


DOWSIL™ FIRESTOP 700(CN) Sealant has excellent adhesion to most common construction substrates.
Cement or concrete must be primed with DOWSIL™ P Primer for optimum adhesion


Areas adjacent to joints must be masked with tape to prevent contamination of substrates and to ensure a neat sealing line. Masking tape should be removed immediately after processing.