DOWSIL 896 PanelFix Adhesive for ventilated facades

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Cechy szczególne: Dobra przyczepność do wielu podłoży, Dobra wodoodporność, Klej/uszczelniacz jednoskładnikowy, Utwardzanie Alkoxy (Neutralny)), Wysoka przyczepność i adhezja

Niska temperatura: od -31°C do -50°C

Typ produktu: Silikon

Wysoka temperatura: +131°C do 150°C

Zastosowanie: Klejenie fasad wentylowanych

DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix

Silicone for bonding panels in ventilated facade constructions with immediate high initial adhesion

NEUTRAL SILICONE SEALANT, with high initial bonding strength, used in the construction of non-glazed facades. Provides excellent primerless adhesion to a wide range of materials.

Factory connection of facades

At the factory, DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix is ​​used to attach the hooks to the panel, which is then bonded in place to the subframe. Due to its extensive sliding capabilities, DOWSIL 896 PanelFix can be used with panels of virtually any size, and its high instantaneous strength eliminates the need for tape.

Classic gluing of panels on the construction site

DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix and DOWSIL™ PanelFix Tape allow the façade panels to be fixed directly to the subframe in situ.


  • adhesive for connecting panels in applications requiring high durability and application speed.
  • Adhesive for ventilated facades
  • for joining two substrates on unglazed façades
  • for substrates such as anodized and raw aluminum and mineral substrates.

Features and Benefits:

  • Immediate adhesion and strength immediately after application
  • High strength silicone binder
  • A one-component product that cures under the influence of moisture
  • Compression resistance
  • Resistant to UV rays and weather conditions
  • Adhesion without priming to many types of substrates
  • Neutral curing system.
  • Low level of odor emission
  • Elastic silicone adhesive mass
  • No creep at high temperatures
  • Thermal stability up to 150°C
  • Quick and easy connection of panels
  • Installation safety due to rapid strength build-up
  • High durability
  • For use in the factory and on site
  • Approved and compatible: kit: silicone and tape
  • CE mark according to EN 12004
  • BBA Certificate No. 16/5306

Basic parameters

Test Property Unit Value
Product as supplied - before curing
Binding system Alkoxy (neutral)
CTM1 97B Specific gravity g/ml 1.53
ASTM D2202 Flow (settling or sinking) mm 0
ASTM C 679 Skin formation time (23°C, 50% RH) minutes 15-20
CTM 663A Setting time (23°C, 50% RH)
after 24 hours mm 1.9
after 72 hours mm 3.2
CTM 1430 Immediate adhesive strength bye > 1400
After 7 days curing at +23°C, 2mm sheet (ISO 37)
CMT 9(A Shore A hardness Points 46
CTM 137 A Modulus of elasticity at 100% elongation MPa 1
CTM 137 A Tensile strength at break MPa 1.8
CTM 137 A Elongation at break % > 450
Properties after 28 days curing at 50% RH and 23°C
ISO 8339 Tensile strength MPa >1.0
Elongation at break % >100
Permissible design strength - wind load kPa 140
Permissible design strength - permanent load kPa thirty
Temperature resistance °C from -50 to +150
Application temperature °C from +5 to +40

DOWSIL™ PanelFix system

The DOWSIL™ PanelFix system enabled the panels to be securely fastened, preventing vibrations and compensating for dynamic wind loads.

The DOWSIL™ PanelFix system enhances aesthetics and extends cladding design options while maintaining safety and control.

Instructional video for bonding panels:

Silicone bonding on a colossal scale

Invisible binding to improve aesthetics

Durability In The Raw

DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix panel bonding adhesive provides high durability and
immediate initial tack immediately after application. After
application and complete curing of DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix bonding adhesive
panels withstand dynamic and permanent loads.

The adhesive ensures very high durability, and thanks to its resistance to UV rays and high temperatures, it has a higher quality than organic sealing compounds. The immediate initial tack is approximately 4-5 times higher than that of standard sealants.

Specifications and Standards DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix

Panels bonded with DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix comply with industry standards and requirements: BBA certificate

  • British Board of Agrément (BBA) - Agrément Certificate No. 16/5306.
  • assessed according to European Technical Assessment ETA 17/0689, EAD 15-25-0005-0606

Durability and Storage DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix

When stored below 30°C in its original unopened containers, DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix PanelFix Adhesive has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.

DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix packaging

Sausages with a capacity of 600 ml.

How to use

DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix Panel Fixing Adhesive is a ready-to-use silicone compound
sealing. It provides excellent strength and adheres to
most types of panels used in facades, such as mineral substrates and metal (anodized aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix Panel Fixing Adhesive can be applied by hand with
cartridge or sausage guns. It can also be used in applications
semi-automated or fully automated using robots.


To ensure permanent adhesion, the substrate must be clean before applying the product. All surfaces must be cleaned of contaminants and debris such as grease, oil, dust, water, frost, surface contamination, old sealants, glass products and protective coatings.

DOWSIL™ R-40 or R-41 PLus Cleaner is recommended for cleaning non-porous substrates. Airing time at room temperature should be at least 1 minute.


If priming is required to ensure adhesion, DOWSIL™ 1200 OS is generally recommended for metal substrates and DOWSIL™ Primer P for mineral substrates. The room temperature flash-off time for priming is indicated on the primer label. Priming should be done within 4 hours of cleaning. For longer periods of time, cleaning should be repeated.

Connecting and gluing panels

As it is a one-component neutral curing system, moisture is required for the bonding process. The substrates should be bonded together in less than the specified skin formation time of 15-20 minutes.

Masking and Overlaying

To ensure a clear sealant line, the areas adjacent to the joints can be masked. Do not stick the masking tape to the cleaned surfaces to which the silicone sealant is to be applied. The mass should be applied in one continuous motion before the coating is formed. The masking tape should be removed immediately after applying the mass.


No maintenance is required if the compound has been properly applied and cured properly. If it is necessary to replace the panels or the sealant has been damaged, the joints should be cut out as much as possible. DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix Panel Joint Adhesive adheres to a cured layer that has been cut with a knife or abraded.


DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix panel fixing adhesive must not be used for structural glazing or insulating glass façades. Due to the risk of incompatibility, DOWSIL™ 896 PanelFix must not come into contact with or be exposed to acetic acid releasing sealants.