DOWSIL™ DS-1000 Aqueous Silicone Cleaner 500ml Silicone Remover

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Baza chemiczna: Rozpuszczalnik

DOWSIL™ DS-1000 Aqueous Silicone Cleaner

Water-based silicone remover

An aqueous surfactant solution used to clean uncured silicone residues from equipment and production units. This product has been specially formulated to dissolve and remove silicone oils, leaving the surface free of silicone.

Application Applications

Cleaning of surfaces, equipment and production units contaminated with non-substantial, uncured silicone residues

  • silicone dosing pumps
  • cleaning of dispensing lines and hoses
  • cleaning the surfaces from sealant remnants
  • mixers cleaning silicone elastomers

    Features and Benefits

    • Cleaner for use on uncured silicone
    • Effectively emulsifies silicone oils, greases and uncured elastomers
    • An effective degreaser with a wide range of applications
    • Water solution
    • Meets the requirements of EU detergent regulations regarding the biodegradability of surfactants
    • Not flammable

    Properties of Dowsil DS-1000

    Parameter (ASTM D 1298) Value
    characteristic smell
    Smell Mild hydrocarbon solvent
    Viscosity (25°C) mPa.s 50

    (closed cup method)

    Shelf life 60 days
    Specific gravity at 25°C 1.05

    How to use

    DOWSIL DS-1000 Recommended cleaning agent use level is 10% water solution.
    The cleaner is compatible with CIP procedure and equipment.
    Effective cleaning can be achieved in three steps:

    1. Immersing the equipment in the solution
    2. Recirculation of the solution through pipelines.
    3. Recirculate the solution through the spray nozzle

    Cleaning is followed by a rinsing step, if necessary, following sanitization procedures.

    In the case of already hardened silicone, the previously recommended DOWSIL™DS-2025 Solvent for cleaning hardened silicone.

    Expiration date

    When stored at a temperature of 5 to 40°C in original, unopened containers, the product has a shelf life of 60 months
    from the date of production.

    Available packaging:

    This product is available in 500ml bottle, 200 liter drums and 25 liter canisters.

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