Deluxe BOX - A set of lubricants for the cyclist

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Deluxe BOX - A set of lubricants for the cyclist

Lubricating products for bicycles packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

Every cyclist or amateur cyclist must use lubricants and lubricants for his bike. We have collected in one package and packed in an aesthetic wooden box the lubricants necessary for every cyclist or cyclist, and for an affordable price, we offer you the Deluxe BOX lubricant set. The set includes lubricants necessary for a mountain and road bike, regardless of whether it is sports or amateur riding.

1. SILK LUBE silicone-synthetic blend for chain 100 ml

2. MoS2 LUBE synthetic-molybdenum blend for chain 100ml

3. FAST GREASE synthetic bicycle grease 100 ml

4. CABLING high quality silicone compound for Bowden cables 30ml

5. FORK grease grease for shock absorbers, bicycle seals 10g

6. LITHIUM GRAPHITE high quality graphite grease 60ml

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This set is designed for the young professional and the seasoned amateur. If you want a set with different equipment, we invite you to analyze the sets: Standard BOX , Premium BOX, Exclusive BOX