WEICON Cockpit Spray for cleaning the car cockpit

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Cechy szczególne: Kompatybilność guma i tworzywa, Niski poziom hałasu

Przemysł: Konsumencki, Motoryzacja, Transport

Zastosowanie: Powłoka, Smarowanie tworzyw sztucznych

WEICON cockpit spray

WEICON Cockpit Spray provides a durable and easy-care protective layer that is dust-repellent and gives surfaces a glossy finish. Quickly and effectively cleans and protects plastics and artificial leather. Cockpit Spray refreshes the appearance of the cockpit and brings colors to life. Thanks to the use of the preparation, synthetic materials do not fade, while rubbers do not crack and retain their flexibility. WEICON Cockpit Spray eliminates creaks and squeaks, cares for the dashboard,
elements of car sheathing, sunroofs and artificial leather, elements made of rubber and plastic, wood and chrome coatings. Prevents freezing of seals in doors, windows and trunk, can be used to lubricate belts
safety, seat guides, sunroofs and locks.


  • For artificial leather, plastics, rubber in the car
  • chrome and wood coatings
  • for lubricating seat belts, guides, sunroofs, locks

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable and easy protective layer
  • Anti-dust
  • Polishes surfaces
  • Cleans quickly and effectively
  • Refreshes the appearance of the cockpit
  • Rubber, on the other hand, does not crack and retains its elasticity
  • Prevents seals from freezing
  • Eliminates creaks and squeaks

Technical data

Smell citrus
properties Dust and water resistant
Shelf life 24th month
Color colorless

Application method:

Shake the can before use. Spray the plastic and wipe it with a clean cloth after a short exposure.

Available packages:

[ 400 ml ]