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BIO Active cleaning fluid

EVIL CLEAN FLUID BIO is a mixture of concentrated, biodegradable detergents, bacterial spores and synergistic biostimulants developed for the needs of industry and workshops. This composition means that the biological effect of the cleaning preparation will continue even after the cleaning procedure is completed, until the EVIL CLEAN FLUID BIO cleaner is completely neutralized by water or a long period of time.

Features and Benefits

  • compatible with many materials, cleans metal, rubber and plastic surfaces
  • active product, automatically cleans bacteria without the need for brushing (saves time and physical effort,
  • BIO product, environmentally friendly - does not contain petroleum derivatives
  • The cleaner's formula is based on water and biologically active elements,

What does it mean that the EVIL CLEAN FLUID BIO cleaner is biodegradable? Means that the substances contained in the product will decompose within 28 days.

Because the product does not contain volatile organic compounds, it is particularly recommended for use in clean production and maintenance in workshops, cleaning surfaces and components that are difficult to access.

EVIL BIO cleaner removes dirt and impurities from grease, rubber traces, bitumen residues, wax residues, pastes and oils.

It is commercially available in four different packages:

  • As a liquid for manual cleaning of flat surfaces EVIL CLEAN FLUID BIO 1 liter
  • As a liquid EVIL CLEAN FLUID BIO Spray 250 ml and 500 ml
  • As a liquid for mechanical washers and closed systems EVIL CLEAN FLUID BIO 5 l

Each of these products differs only slightly in composition - mainly in viscosity and the content of synergistic ingredients. Regardless of the form in which the Fluid CLEAN BIO cleaner is packaged, it degreases and removes the most stubborn dirt from steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal, rubber and plastic, painted and varnished surfaces.

Removes the strongest, burnt-on dirt, special fats, grease, oils, smoke deposits, soot, rubber residues, bitumen and wax residues and EVIL CLEAN FLUID BIO paste, a water-based low-foaming cleaning agent based on renewable raw materials, perfect for cleaning stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

EVIL CLEAN FLUID BIO is a cleaning agent that removes the most difficult industrial and workshop contaminants. Appropriate dosing of synergistic and nutritional ingredients of cleaning microorganisms allows you to remove contaminants from flat surfaces as well as surfaces with complex profiles and degrees of contamination.

EVIL CLEAN FLUID BIO is a cleaning agent that is an effective alternative to solvents or gasoline. Pleasant smell, free from solvents and volatile organic compounds and does not require labeling in accordance with the CLP regulation

Basic parameters of the CLEAN FLUID BIO product

Standard SYMBOL result
Color purple
Appearance Aqueous soapy liquid
The basis on which bacteria grow water
Active measures yeast and vegetable oils
Smell floral
Surface tension approx. 24 mN/m
Density 1.05kg/l
PH value 10.8

Cleaning of parts by spraying or immersion!!

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