BIKE FOAM - EVIL Lubricants bicycle washing foam

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BIKE FOAM - Foam for washing a bicycle

Bicycle cleaner by Evil Lubricants

bike-foam bike-washing foam evil-lubricants

A turquoise bicycle cleaning product designed to quickly remove impurities and dirt from bicycle components resulting from road and off-road riding. An easy-to-use cleaner that can be used in any conditions, from a garage to a damp meadow, and as a result of its action, it leaves an excellent final effect. Bike Foam cleaner from Evil Lubricants can be used on painted surfaces, parts made of rubber, plastic, aluminum, chrome, carbon fiber, brake pads, leather and gaskets.

Its effect will be effective, thorough and quick cleaning without leaving streaks because the preparation does not leave streaks that result from the use of powder-based agents. Direct application using a sprayer facilitates access even to hard-to-reach places.
The manufacturer recommends that before using the Bike Foam product from Evil Lubricants, thoroughly mix the contents of the bottle to create a uniform structure of the products contained in the product, which have different densities, in particular the agent protecting metal against corrosion and the antistatic agent. The product should not be mixed with other cleaning agents due to the unidentified behavior of the contained chemicals when mixed.

  • The relative density of the product is approximately 0.96 g/ml
  • pH just over 7.5.

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