Dielectric grease insulating 60ml

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Przemysł: Sprzęt AGD

Zastosowanie: Elektryczne, Smarowanie gumy i elastomerów

Dielectric grease insulating 60ml

Silicone grease for electrical insulation and sealing of lubricated surfaces

Product packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

A silicone-based compound recommended for metal/rubber, rubber/plastic, metal/plastic application and characterized by oxidation resistance for long grease life. The filler and other ingredients used in the grease enable effective operation and protection of elements against puncture in the temperature range from - 55 °C to +200 °C and ensure chemical inertness to most metals, organic materials and polymers. If we add to this high adhesion properties to the surface and the lack of reaction with such materials as: mineral oils, a number of chemical compounds, including diluted acids, bases and aqueous solutions, and protection of metal parts against corrosion, we get a product with a wide range of applications. The strong adhesion of dielectric grease means that the grease is used not only to protect elements against puncture, but also as a sealing agent in cable joints, batteries, rubber and metal elements. An unambiguous determination whether the grease fulfills its function as a lubricating compound or as a sealing compound is impossible to define and separate, it can only be stated with all firmness that it performs both functions in a professional manner. Compatibility with rubbers and electrical and sealing properties make the grease ideal for regeneration and protection of high-voltage cables in industry as well as cars and devices using such cables. The lubricating coating that has formed on the wires, creating an insulating seal resistant to water and moisture, can be very thin and has the ability to not attract dust and dirt, which are the main enemy of insulation. Dielectric grease used for electrical connections protects against corrosion, tarnishing and protects against electric spark flashover and damage caused by electrical breakdown not only of high-voltage wires but also of insulators and switchgears operating in a humid atmosphere.

Method of application The amount of grease is typical for NLGI 2 greases. Before lubricating, clean the surface of dirty, greasy or silicone-covered elements. For cleaning, use solvent, detergents or potassium hydroxide solution to remove silicone. Wipe the entire surface thoroughly and then apply the lubricant manually, with a spatula, with a cloth by brushing or rubbing or automatically. Do not use the product on surfaces to be painted.

Basic product data dielectric grease





CTM 176


Transparent paste

Composition: a mixture of silicone compounds

Working temperature


-55 to 200

CTM 0191

NLGI consistency class



ISO 2137




Penetrating ability, ×0.1mm


Melting temperature

It doesn't melt

CTM 0033A

Evaporation, 24 h (200 ° C)



CTM 0022

Specific gravity at temperature (25°C)

g / cm 3


ASTM D 1264

Water leaching, %


Electrical properties

CTM 0114

Dielectric strength, 1.27





CTM 0112

Dielectric constant at 100 Hz


Dielectric constant at 100 kHz


CTM 0112

Dissipation factor at 100Hz


CTM 0112

Dissipation factor at 100kHz


DIN 52612

Thermal conductivity,



CTM 0249

Specific volumetric resistance at 23°C

Ohm × cm 3

O,11 x 10 15

CTM 0171

Arc arc resistant





Product packaging: 60ml, 1kg

Product Durability: when stored in original sealed packaging, the product can be stored for 60 months from the date of production;

Standards and approvals: electrical breakdown strength, moisture and water resistant, good chemical stability, high oxidation resistance, high ozone resistance, high solvent resistance, resistant to dilute acids, alkali resistant

Solubility: insoluble in water, methanol, ethanol, mineral oil. Soluble in ketones, e.g. methyl-ethyl.

Tags: rubber grease, plastic grease, metal/rubber grease, gasket grease; grease for high-voltage wires, anti-puncture grease, chemically resistant grease, grease for spark plugs, waterproof dielectric grease, car spark plug grease, spark plug paste, paste for high voltage cables, regeneration of HV wires, grease for clamps, paste for connections connectors, lubricant and sealing agent,

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